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Independent Research Firm Touts Oracle Data Mining

By Oracle

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif.  20-DEC-2006 05:10 AM

A recently published report by Bloor Research Group cited Oracle(r) Data Mining, an option to Oracle Database 10g, as an impressive offering at an affordable price. Using Oracle Data Mining, customers can find hidden insights in their data and easily automate extraction and distribution of business intelligence (BI), helping to increase business efficiency and productivity as well as return on investment.

Written by Bloor Research Analyst David Norris, the report examines the functionality of Oracle Data Mining. Taking advantage of the functionality in the award-winning Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Data Mining enables customers to operate against Oracle data sets with productivity and precision. The report also highlights Oracle Data Mining's broad range of available algorithms, which allow customers to carry out innumerable types of scientific analysis.

In the report, Norris contrasts Oracle Data Mining with offerings from Microsoft and IBM, as well as standalone offerings and states, "[w]ith the acquisition of Siebel and its BI suite, Oracle created a formidable BI offering, and now that I realize what a hidden gem its data mining suite is, it really is a very hard act for others to compete with." In addition, Oracle Data Mining presents customers with an affordable BI offering. Norris states, "...when you look at what you are getting, it is a real Rolls Royce of capability and features."

The Bloor Research report "Oracle Data Mining, Not Only Good But Affordable Too!" is available at: .

For more information on Oracle Data Mining and Oracle Business Intelligence, please visit: .

About Oracle Data Mining
Oracle Data Mining provides a powerful, scalable infrastructure for building applications that automate the discovery of valuable new business intelligence and insights. Embedded in the Oracle Database, Oracle Data Mining helps businesses make better business decisions by enabling them to target their best customers, find and prevent fraud, discover the most influential attributes that affect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and find valuable new information hidden in massive amounts of data. For more information, visit: .

About Oracle
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