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The Attorney Death Zone

By AbacusLaw of AbacusLaw

Warning! Stay Out of the Malpractice Zone! In the Himalayas it's called the Death Zone -- a point past which the air is too thin to sustain living tissue. Stay up there too long and your body begins to die.

In law practice there's a similar kind of danger - the Malpractice Zone. If you're working at the edge of control, then sooner or later you'll make a mistake -- forget a phone call, miss a deadline, lose a document.

Experienced climbers use expert gear to keep them out of the danger zone. Experienced attorneys do too: it's called Practice Control Software?.

Calendar Control: Pocket calendar, desk calendar, master calendar. How much time do you spend updating and synchronizing? One central, computer-based calendar is the essence of practice control. Lawyers and staff link instantly from any workstation, and updates are automatically synchronized. You save time for more interesting tasks!

The Ultimate Tickler System: Most offices intend to get a tickler system in place, but don't have consistent follow-through. It's time-consuming to get it all down on paper. A computerized calendar system lets you input your desired reminder interval -- then get to work. Your daily calendar will issue reminders for events, deadlines, even your afternoon meeting. Watch your billable hours increase!

Date Calculator: Don't be embarrassed if you're counting on your fingers. Fortunately there's a quicker, more elegant (and accurate) way to figure deadlines. Enter the date of your event, and let the practice control date calculator tell you your due date and interval between events. Your date is automatically adjusted for court holidays. That's one more detail you don't have to worry about!

Court Rules: Practice control software has built-in Court Rules for most states. Enter a trigger event, and select the desired Rule. The program schedules your related timeline. Never wade through Rules, and stop worrying about missed deadlines.

Files: Paper files have their place, but they don't have to end up in piles on top of desks and credenzas! Practice Control software eliminates the hunt for lost files. Pull up your information on screen, view or print any document, attach related notes, print a report or prepare a bill. No cutting and pasting, and it's all done in a few keystrokes. This is the good life!

Contact Data: How much time do you waste searching for details? How often during the course of a day do you say, "I'll get back to you. . ." In a few clicks you can get what you need instantly. Use Practice Control software to streamline your workflow and stop getting bogged down in details!

Conflict of Interest Checks: If you're still doing conflict checks manually, you're inviting an oversight. Don't put yourself in the position of having to return a retainer! Practice Control software sees your entire practice through linked databases, and does a thorough search instantly. That's one less headache for you.

Documents: Are you easily generating documents without any duplication of effort? Practice Control sets you up with fast and easy templates, then merges in the relevant data from your client files. You can kiss cutting and pasting goodbye.

Phone Calls: One of the hot spots in the malpractice zone. Unreturned phone calls are a leading cause of complaints brought against attorneys. If you're saving your calls for the end of the day, but never getting to them, then you're treading on dangerous ground. Practice Control helps you simplify, organize and control your law practice. You'll get your calls made, and you'll get your practice back under control.

Peace of Mind: Stop waking up in the night worried about your law practice. Simplify, organize and control your work. Practice Control software will revolutionize the way you practice law. You'll work better, faster, smarter, and have more fun. Why not get started now?

To learn more about the award-winning practice control software with more than 100,001 users, call Abacus at (800)726-3339, email or visit You're going to love what you learn!

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