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George Khoury, Esq.

George Khoury, Esq.

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  • Why The Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Abortion Case Is Different

    Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, handle many important and controversial cases. As just one example, lawsuits challenging abortion rights are brought in federal court each year like clockwork. Considering the number of federal court decisions involving the pro-choice/pro-life debate in recent years, why is Dobbs v. Jackson's Women's Health, currently…

  • FindLaw's Best Email Tips For National Email Week

    So National Email Week is a thing, and what it's supposed to celebrate really seems to be as elusive as who created it. But if people are going to celebrate email during the second week of June every year, then it would seem like a good time for lawyers to think about how they could be better at email. Here at FindLaw, we think about that sort of stuff all the time. And to do our part for National Email Week, below you can find 7 of our best email tips for lawyers. 1.

  • Do You Know the Final Paycheck Laws in Your State?

    Managing a staff isn't easy, and letting a team member go can be one of the most difficult tasks for any manager or business owner. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the more legally complex and challenging tasks as well. When you fire an employee, making sure you have the employee’s final paycheck ready can go a long way in avoiding exposure to liability.

  • 5 Best Activities for Bar Exam Study Breaks

    For all those law gra.ds (or soon to be law grads) who will start studying for the bar in a week or two, you will all soon know how anti-climactic law school graduation is. But let yourself celebrate the occasion, because you're just days away from the most intense study session you'll ever endure. Bar prep isn't easy. Most bar review courses set a breakneck pace that only the most diligent of students can keep up with.

  • How to Crush It as a Summer Associate

    For law students wrapping up their semesters and getting ready to start a summer associate position, life can be a bit nerve-wracking. Sure, it’s amazing that you actually got a summer associate position, but the anxiety over making a mistake can be enough to drive a law student mad. Fortunately, you can find a few tips below on how to breeze through your summer, and make a good, lasting impression.

  • How Much Solitary Confinement Is Too Much?

    The practice of solitary confinement may not seem like cruel and unusual punishment, but for the many inmates facing or who have endured long stretches in solitary, it can actually be a form of psychological torture. But that doesn’t mean prisons have to stop the use of solitary confinement, after all it is often necessary to protect certain inmates from both attacks from other inmates and self-harm. This leaves the question open as to how much solitary confinement is too much?

  • Don't Make Female Employees Serve Cake

    In the #metoo era we're living in, it can be utterly mind-boggling that a top ranking executive, during a company party, would single out the few women employees in the room to serve everyone cake. But, as reality would have it, a recent lawsuit filed by the former head of legal of EXL Service Holdings alleges that she was not only singled out to cut the cake because she is a woman, she alleges that nearly immediately after complaining about the incident, she was terminated.

  • Female Olympians Can't Have High Testosterone Levels

    The International Association of Athletics Federations recently ruled that Caster Semenya cannot race in the 800m at the upcoming Olympics (and other internationally sanctioned competitive events) with other women unless she limits her testosterone levels. The ruling is based upon Semenya's elevated testosterone levels. Despite the fact that her hormone levels are naturally occurring, the IAAF court found that elevated levels of testosterone in female athletes creates an unfair advantage.

  • California Supreme Court Rules Against SF Giants Arbitration

    A recent case handed down by the California Supreme Court will hopefully allow seasonal employees of the SF Giants to have the merits of their case heard in the Superior Court ... eventually. The decision explains that despite the collective bargaining agreement calling for disputes to be arbitrated, the particular issue in this case was a matter properly before the state courts. What's This Case About? While the state Supreme Court hasn't touched the actual merits of the Melendez v.

  • Justice Thomas Doesn't Hire Jerks, Will Never Retire

    In a recent interview with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at Pepperdine University, the Justice discussed various topics, including religion on the High Court, his beloved clerks, and of course, he dismissed any notion that he might be retiring anytime -- ever. When Pepperdine's incoming university president asked the Justice what he would want someone to say at his hypothetical retirement party in 20 or 30 years, Thomas immediately dismissed those dates in a swift, but joking, manner.

  • No-Fault Auto Insurance Scams Become RICO Lawsuits

    For some folks, after a car accident and filing a claim with the other party's insurance carrier, it can sometimes seem suspiciously easy to get paid back for all your medical bills and property damage.

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