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Estimating your market value.

By David Helfand

Q: I recently asked for a raise. My boss told me to give him proof that other law firms in the area pay their paralegals more money that I am being paid. How can I obtain this information.

A: My first reaction is why is your boss asking you to do this? I would think if he valued your work that he would take responsibility for it (if in fact he didn't already know).

Now there are a few steps you can take to help estimate your market value:

  • talk with your peers in the paralegal field and find out as best you can what someone with your background might be able to earn

  • check with your professional association, they often publish salary surveys of their members. Try contacting the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (

  • also there are some salary survey sites you can consult: and are two examples.

    Good luck on a positive work situation and fair compensation.

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