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Law Firm Assessment: Diversity

Diversity brings together people with different backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. It creates a workforce that hopefully reflects the true makeup of the population. In recent decades, diversity has been a buzz word bandied about by many employers, including law firms. But how are law firms actually handling diversity? Is it a trendy talking point, or does it actually mean something? FindLaw’s Diversity section covers many important issues related to law firms and diversity, including: responding to the diversity challenge, how to interview without violating the ADA, dealing with sexual harassment, hiring women and minority attorneys, whether diversity programs truly effective, and what to do about feeling tokenized at work.

Law Firm Assessment: Diversity Articles

  • Sexual Harassment: What If It Happened at Your Firm?

    You're a law practice and work with people educated in the law so sexual harassment couldn't happen in your office, right? The fact is that sexual harassment can happen anywhere including in a law firm setting with all of the power dynamics at play. Read on to learn more about what to do if you find sexual harassment taking place at your firm.

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  • Are Diversity Programs Truly Effective?

    The corporate world has seen an increasing focus on promoting diversity programs, but how effective have these efforts been and are there better ways to improve workforce diversity? This article dives into these questions and more with some surprising insights.

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  • Tokenized at Work?

    I am on a Diversity Task Force at my job. As a Filipino American, I feel honored to have been asked to serve on this committee, but I feel badly about how I am treated. I am constantly being asked to speak for Asians.

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  • Dreaming of Business Success, Not Dwelling on Color

    Silicon Valley telecommunications executive Robert E. Knowling, Jr.acknowledges he’s hardly a "household word" in mainstream Black America. But given his personal and professional goals, Knowling likes it that way.

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  • Exploring Culturally Specific Styles in the Workplace

    While rules for business attire have changed significantly in the last decade, in both “business” and “business casual” dress environments, few employers have yet dared to raise a crucial question: What about ethnic and religious styles?

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  • Defeating Discrimination in the Workplace

    While the U.S. has made huge strides in achieving equal opportunity in employment – and things have gotten better – racial discrimination persists. Many argue that it has simply taken subtler forms. Fortunately, while the racial prejudice endures, the tactics to defeat it are more accessible than ever before.

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  • Hiring Women and Minority Attorneys - One General Counsel's Perspective

    Mr. Ocampo is Chair of the ABA Section of Science & Technology Law (2001-02) and is the author of Surfing the Law and Technology Tsunami (American Bar Association 2001) and Negotiating and Drafting Software Consulting Agreements (Glasser LegalWorks 1996).

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  • Responding to the Diversity Challenge

    We are a diverse society. Diversity is an integral part of doing business anywhere, particularly in a global economy. Beyond statistics and definitions, diversity represents one fundamental way we, along with our clients, view and experience the world.

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