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FindLaw's Don't Judge Me Podcast

FindLaw's Don't Judge Me podcast is all about the real life of lawyering. From interviews with a variety of legal professionals to documenting the foibles of the profession, hosts Ally, Andy, Laura and Joe take an honest - and funny - look at what it's really like to be a lawyer.

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  • Video Conferencing Fails
    Know that feeling when you show up to court without a shirt on? Or just had a Zoom meeting with a potato? On this episode, our hosts discuss real-life video fails that are hard to believe but now appear to be a regular part of this strange new world we live in. Andy also shares his own epic teleconferencing fail.

  • Small-Town Lawyers, "For Life" Review, and Trial by Combat
    We talk with Chris Frank, of Frank Law Offices in Wilmar, MN, about the benefits and challenges of practicing law in a small town.

  • COVID-19 and Burnout
    It's . . . a little stressful right now. Law firms are anticipating sustained lowered revenue. Lawyers will be asked to do more to keep their law firms afloat, and all legal professionals will need to be flexible. In this episode, we discuss law firm operations during the outbreak and how to spot and avoid burnout. Stay safe and stay strong, everyone. (Note: Portions of the podcast were recorded prior to the exponential growth of COVID-19 cases in several states).

  • SLAPP-Happy
    Responding to negative online reviews is one thing. But what about when someone just plain lies? Is a defamation suit ever appropriate? We discuss, then play a game we're calling SLAPP-Happy. As always, more information is available on

  • Online Reviews and the Mean, Mean Internet
    Our hosts discuss online reviews, particularly how to handle the ones that are less than glowing. Andy then does a negative review of his own, of NBC's recent legal drama Bluff City Law.

  • Toilet Flushes, the Grim Reaper, and Law Student Prospects
    Now that graduates are facing the worst job market for new attorneys in over a decade, what can they do to get their legal careers started? Our hosts discuss what difficulties face law students and what they can do to keep their dreams of practicing law alive. ion

  • Interview With Joan Bibelhausen, MN Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers
    Joan Bibelhausen, Executive Director of Minnesota Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, joins us to talk about attorney wellness, including what services are available to lawyers working to manage mental health during the pandemic and when to reach out for help.  

  • Access to Justice With Elizabeth Sauer and Lilo Schluender
    Access to justice has again become a part of the national conversation in the wake of the death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, systemic inequality is not limited to the criminal justice system.

  • Making Sense of Qualified Immunity
    Making any real sense of qualified immunity may be beyond the ability of any lawyer - or judge, for that matter. But our hosts do explain the doctrine, how and why it was created, how it's applied today in civil rights cases involving police use of excessive force, and the reason some are calling for its end. Then, since we're on the topic of inscrutable trainwrecks anyway, we figure it's a good time to talk about a recent libel claim former MLB player Lenny Dykstra made that went badly awry.

  • The Supreme Court Did What?
    June is the best time of the year for Supreme Court buffs. While we are still waiting for a few important cases, the Justices have already delivered some momentous - and surprising - decisions. We discuss. Then Andy reviews Perry Mason, the prestige HBO legal drama, in the popular "Thumbs Down" segment. You can find more information on all of the decisions discussed in this episode at If you have comments or suggestions for future topics, write to us at If you enjoy the show and would like to support us, please leave us a review. Thanks for listening!

  • The Supreme Court Did What!? - Part II
    This episode we wrap up coverage on the Supreme Court's historic term. Will we see Donald Trump's tax returns in our lifetimes? Did the Chief Justice recently watch Hamilton? Are religious conservatives resting easier after several recent decisions? We discuss these issues and more. Laura then gives an update on how states are re-evaluating bar exams, including switching to online exams. Read recaps of the decisions discussed on Comments or suggestions on topics? Email us at

  • Lawyers Taking Up a Life of True Crime
    Our hosts finally indulge in their greatest wish: To turn Don't Judge Me into a true crime podcast. Get ready for wild stories, including an unsolved murder in which some Founding Fathers play a role and a murderer who stole his plan from an Agatha Christie novel. Join us to celebrate a genre in which lawyers are often featured fighting for justice. Reach us at If you like the show, please don't forget to rate and review us.

  • Remote Courtrooms On Trial
    Courts have adapted admirably to current circumstances. But questions over whether litigants and defendants are getting fair access to justice remain. Our hosts discuss how courts are doing in the age of COVID-19. Then, hear about a town in Virginia where folks are taking "law and order" into their own hands - by filing criminal charges against elected officials. What could go wrong? Read more about the Virginia case on our blog. Contact us at

  • Election Litigation
    Even if the Supreme Court doesn't get involved it will be the most heavily litigated election in U.S. history. And SCOTUS may well get involved. We discuss Bush v. Gore, recent notable cases, and speculate on what's sure to be an exciting and terrifying next few months. Read more about the cases discussed on FindLaw's website. While you're there check out the numerous resources we have for voters, including state-specific information on how to vote. It's a stressful and scary time. Confusion abounds. Still, your vote matters, so please do vote.

  • A Generalissimo's Guide to Supreme Court Reform
    Ever plan out how you would run things if given the chance? Our hosts engage in this fantasy of agency by giving elevator pitches for our dream SCOTUS setup.

  • Space Lawyers, Assemble!
    This episode, we seek out new laws and new discussion topics - in space! Join us for a fun episode on this interesting and emerging area of the law.

  • Love Your Lawyer Day With Louis Goodman
    In this episode we talk about how lawyers experience the practice of law with attorney and "Love Thy Lawyer" podcast host Louis Goodman.

  • It Is Hereby Ordered . . .
    Meta DescriptionIt's likely we'll continue to see executive orders play a large role in the Biden Administration. How wide a latitude do presidents have when issuing EOs? We discuss all things relating to executive orders on this episode, plus Ally provides some helpful tips for getting a gift for the lawyer in your life. For more information on Youngstown Sheet & Tube, the Supreme Court case that established the parameters under which EOs could be deemed unconstitutional, visit Questions? Comments? Suggestions for topics? Let us know at Thanks for listening!

  • A Lawyer, an Attorney, and Their Counsel Walk Into a Bar . . .
    Why do we have so many names for lawyers?

  • Holiday Special: Lawyers Behaving Badly
    On this very special episode, the last of 2020, our hosts look back on lawyer shenanigans throughout the year.

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