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This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Retention. Finding ways to keep your law firm's attorneys and staff engaged can be a challenge. There are many ways to retain talent at your law firm. For example, leading a balanced life outside of work can increase employee morale and retention. Start your research with FindLaw.

Retention Articles

  • How to Effectively Manage Remote Staff

    When offered the option, many people will jump at the chance to work remotely, but working remotely brings many new challenges to both the employee and the employer.

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  • Assess Employee Engagement Without Spending a Dime

    Research has brought to light the correlation between employee engagement and profitability, and the first step to improving employee engagement in your company is knowing where you stand.

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  • Work Life Balance for Lawyers

    With attorneys speaking up about their inability to balance life and work, many firms are beginning to pay attention, offering four options designed to help integrate work and life; but are these options really the solution? Read on to learn more about these options and whether they may be a good fit for your practice.

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  • Life as a Lawyer

    Let's face it. Law school does a great job preparing you for researching and writing about the law, but not so much some of the finer intricacies of the practice -- like communicating with other lawyers. This article covers some of the common pitfalls new attorneys make along with tips that you may find useful in your next peer-to-peer interaction.

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  • Giving Compliments an Important Key to Success

    Many of us struggle with the simple act of appreciating and complimenting the people around us. On a daily basis, many of us feel awkward or uncomfortable with the simple act of giving or receiving compliments with those around us.

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  • Business Casual Attire for Lawyers

    Law firms, even "white-shoe" firms, have changed dress codes to reflect the times. In order to dress appropriately, the business casual lawyer should adhere to a few rules.

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  • Could You Live Abroad and Keep Your Job?

    Learn about one man's experience living in Europe and telecommuting to his job in the States, and his tips for making it work.

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  • Women Not Gaining Ground in Big Law Firms, Says NAWL Report

    Given the benefits of equal treatment and diversity in the profession, how did women in the biggest 200 law firms fare?

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  • How Attorneys Can Avoid Airline Luggage Problems

    Scott T. Mueller's book, The Empty Carousel: A Consumers Guide to Checked and Carry-on Luggage, offers advice on what you can do to minimize the risks of mishandled luggage. For lawyers who travel frequently, these tips are a must read.

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  • Pro Bono: Give A Little Bit

    Although providing free legal services to the poor or charitable organizations may not be a requirement, it's certainly comes recommended in the ABA's Model Rule 6.1.

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