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This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Recruiting. Attracting summer associates, interns, and lateral hires to work at your law firm may play a key role in your practice's business plan. Discover the various ways to recruit talent to your law firm. Start your research with FindLaw.

Recruiting Articles

  • Associates Hop Firms Seeking Partner Track

    With lockstep compensation, annual evaluations, and an "up or out" philosophy, most firms seem to dangle partnership in front of new hires like an inevitable carrot. In fact, many associates will never be offered partnership in the firm, and those who are may have to wait as long as nine years.

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  • How Your Law Firm Employees Can Improve Your Marketing

    So what should a marketer do when he or she is constantly approached by good-intentioned co-workers with suggestions on how to improve the marketing? My advice is simple: listen! A lot of the suggestions may be silly, but you're also likely to hear some ideas that you would have never come up with yourself.

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  • Use Personality Assessment for Better Hiring

    Hiring has always been a game of odds; particularly in the law profession. We see a candidate's resume, check references and do a face-to-face. Then most of us reach a decision based on a slightly educated hunch. The data on lawyer retention makes it clear how much of a crapshoot hiring really is.

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  • How to Build a Diverse Law Firm

    The 'social norm' regarding diversity is changing within society. Legal entities should be at the forefront of these issues and understand diversity on a deeper level. Here are five ways firms can nurture and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  

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  • Responding to the Diversity Challenge

    How is the challenge of diversity actually playing itself out in the legal profession? Is it just the latest buzzword? Or is it a necessary strategy for improving relations with clients, enhancing innovation and building future business?

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  • Best Ways to Find a New Associate for Your Law Firm

    Strategies for finding that next great attorney employee.

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  • The Use of Social Media in the Hiring Process

    There is a fine line employers should walk when using social media as a tool for hiring decisions. Learn some "do's and don'ts" for using social media during the hiring process.

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