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This is FindLaw's Legal Technology Center's collection of Technology Law News articles. Information on cyberspace law, internet law, ecommerce, court decisions that involve technology companies and more is provided here.

Tech Law News Articles

  • What Lawyers Need to Know about the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR)

    Attorneys, who already handle sensitive information about their clients, may find themselves subject to GDPR rules depending on their clientele. As businesses globalize, more law firms will likely need to have these regulations on their radar.

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  • The Case Against Digitally Recorded Evidence

    In recent criminal cases, the prosecution has given the defense compact discs, supposed copies of audio recordings which the prosecution intends to use in evidence. In the instances when the original recordings were made on analog cassettes, an important legal question arises: Are the digital CDs true copies of original evidence?

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  • The Courtroom 21 Project: A Light At The End Of The Legal Technology Tunnel

    With the rate of crime steadily on the rise and budgets continually dwindling, courts now have to deal with congested facilities, backlogged dockets, and decreasing and overburdened personnel. The implementation of cutting edge legal technologies is greatly enhancing the capabilities of the courts to assuage these problems, while maintaining the accuracy and propriety of the proceedings.

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  • Ninth Circuit Decision Creates Liability Risk for Social Networking Sites

    The Ninth Circuit recently issued a ruling against that could greatly impact other social networking sites by calling into question the immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act that such sites have previously enjoyed.

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  • Automatic Copying of Emails Doesn't Kill Privilege, Court Finds

    A man who used a Web-based e-mail service to communicate with his lawyer did not forfeit attorney-client privilege in those messages just because they were automatically copied to his company-owned laptop computer when he viewed them, a Massachusetts court has ruled.

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  • Open Source Code: What Is The Price Of The Freedom To Share?

    Access the internet; find it; download it; then modify it, use it, distribute it, and/or incorporate it into a product. Best of all, it did not even cost a penny! What is It? It is open source code; source code that is licensed to the user under certain terms and conditions, without the requirement to pay a fee for modifying, copying or distributing the source code.

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  • EPA: Supreme Court Says Protect The Environment

    There is a sense of double irony in the fact that the United States Supreme Court has just ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency must do more to protect the environment.

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  • Interview: EFF Senior Counsel Fred von Lohmann

    Interview with Fred von Lohmann, Senior Counsel of the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

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  • Website Privacy Policies: Beware of Changes

    If you operate a web site, you should take note of a recent Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") consent order, In re Gateway Learning Corp., which is the first FTC case to challenge deceptive and unfair practices in connection with material changes to an online privacy policy.

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  • Bloggers, Confidential Sources and . . . Discovery?

    In the 2006 case, O'Grady v. Superior Ct., the Sixth Appellate District in California has interpreted the Stored Communications Act as limiting the ability of civil litigants to obtain the contents of stored communications from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through the subpoena process. While this is a narrow application of the law, the interpretation will significantly affect e-discovery strategies and tactics in California - especially when litigants cannot obtain the original communications from the recipient.

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