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The Modern Law Practice section of FindLaw's Legal Technology Center provides free resources related to practical technology issues commonly encountered in the law. Current awareness topics such as Technology Law News, Social Media and Law Technology Events can help you become and remain a tech-savvy lawyer. FindLaw provides free information to help you increase the efficiency and productivity of your law practice through networking and storage technology.

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  • What Lawyers Need to Know about the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR)

    Attorneys, who already handle sensitive information about their clients, may find themselves subject to GDPR rules depending on their clientele. As businesses globalize, more law firms will likely need to have these regulations on their radar.

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  • The Ethical Considerations of Cybersecurity

    Experts agree that all businesses should plan for when they experience a data breach, not if. On top of that, the amount of highly sensitive information held by attorneys and law firms makes them tempting targets for hackers. However, while the majority of attorneys are aware of the general threat of a data breach, it is also important to understand how cybersecurity fits into the obligations imposed by their jurisdiction's professional rules.

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  • Understanding the Legal Issues for Social Networking Sites and Their Users

    It seems that everyone is a member of a social network these days. Whether it's your kids on MySpace and Facebook, or your colleagues on LinkedIn, people are taking advantage of these new online meeting spaces to make friends, communicate and expand business opportunities. But what are the legal obligations that arise out of the use of social networks, both for the user and the sites themselves?

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  • The Case Against Digitally Recorded Evidence

    In recent criminal cases, the prosecution has given the defense compact discs, supposed copies of audio recordings which the prosecution intends to use in evidence. In the instances when the original recordings were made on analog cassettes, an important legal question arises: Are the digital CDs true copies of original evidence?

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  • Tech Tips: Online Training and Webinars for Law Firms

    Tips on using online training and webinars for law firms and in-house training.

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