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No, There Is No 'Purge' Law in Illinois

By Steven Ellison, Esq.

In the wake of George Floyd's murder, Illinois enacted a package of sweeping criminal justice reforms set to go into effect in January 2023. Part of that package, the Pretrial Fairness Act (PFA), eliminates cash bail for those accused of crimes and makes it harder to detain suspects before trial. Critics have dubbed it "the 'Purge' Law," after the dystopian horror film in which all crime, including murder, is temporarily legalized once per year. But does the law really go that far? We don't think so.

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'I Knew You Were Trouble': Did Taylor Swift Steal Music?

By Steven Ellison, Esq.

Looks like Taylor Swift may be in trouble. Two songwriters sued Swift, claiming that she stole their tune and lyrics and used them in her Grammy-nominated mega-hit, "Shake It Off." On Sept. 12, Taylor got the bad news that the judge would not kick out the case before trial. Did Taylor really steal from the two songwriters? A jury of people just like you will decide.

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What If The Government Thinks I'm Dead?

By Catherine Hodder, Esq.

An Indiana man is fighting for his life despite being relatively healthy other than a few kidney problems. Since 2017, however, he has been fighting with the Internal Revenue Service to prove he is alive. The problem started when he received an erroneous condolence letter from the Social Security Administration, which made a mistake by classifying him as deceased. This triggered the IRS to deny more than $10,000 in stimulus checks because they thought he was dead.

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Who Owns DALL-E Images?

By Steven Ellison, Esq.

Open the pod bay doors, HAL. With artificial intelligence and some imagination, you can now create digital images that rival those of great artists. This raises a question: Who actually owns the masterpiece you make? The answer isn't as clear as you may think.

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What You Should Know About Spreading Cremation Ashes

By Richard Dahl

Many people stipulate in their will that their cremation ashes – their "cremains" – be spread in a particular place that was important to them in life. If there is no directive, a family may make its own decision. Whatever the case, it is important to be aware that regulations and laws may come into play.

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Are Flying Cars Legal?

By Richard Dahl

It's been 60 years since George Jetson first flew his space car across American TV screens. Since then, many of us have dreamed of a day when we too might zoom around in an airborne auto. Of course, flying cars have remained mere fantasies all this time, but if you are one of the Jetsonian dreamers, there's good news: Flying cars may be just around the corner.

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