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Legally Weird

Noodling: How To Hand Fish Legally

By Holly South

In the muddy shallows of the Mississippi River, a group of friends stands with goggles on, trudging through the water looking for submerged holes or logs. Another group stands near the boat launch looking through the broken concrete or around the dock.

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Is the PGA Golf Tour a Monopoly?

By Richard Dahl

The Professional Golf Association (PGA) has ruled pro golf's roost for more than a century. But that status is now endangered. A wealthy rival, backed by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, has emerged and is luring away some of the PGA Tour's top talent. The new challenger is LIV Golf, which has held its first three Invitational Series tournaments this year with payouts that are significantly higher than those of the PGA Tour. In addition, LIV is offering upfront payments and appearance fees to some of the PGA Tour's top talent, including Phil Mickelson, who reportedly received $200 million.

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$185 Million Settlement Reached in Minor League Baseball Dispute

By Alex Sirek

The saying goes: "If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life." Well, Major League Baseball unfortunately took this old adage a bit too seriously. It was revealed that MLB has been significantly underpaying their minor league players for decades, claiming that they…

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What Does ADA Compliant Mean for a Stadium?

By Holly South

The U.S. government is suing Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs for allegedly not complying with Americans With Disabilities Act standards in their remodel of Wrigley Field. According to the lawsuit, the best wheelchair seating was removed and not included in any of the sky box seating arrangements. The team moved the wheelchair seating to the very last row of the stadium, a view often obstructed by drink rails or standing fans.

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Texas Carpool Lane Dispute Raises 'Fetal Personhood' Questions

By Richard Dahl

Now that states are considering "fetal personhood" laws, many serious legal questions may need to be answered about giving legal rights to the unborn. Does a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus really have the same legal rights as you and your neighbors? When does child support begin? What if a woman from a different country is visiting the U.S., has sex, and becomes pregnant? The U.S. recognizes birthright citizenship, so does that mean that a person who is conceived here is a U.S. citizen?

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Can You be Sued Over a Facebook Rant?

By Holly South

If you go on a Facebook rant over an inconvenience at your local Starbucks, nothing really comes of the matter. They're a big company, the most they might do is reach out and offer a gift card. If this rant was related to a local business, however, your words may cost them greatly when it comes to attracting future customers. Nick Olsen recently bought 75 beehives from Nancy and Keith Budke, who have been in the beekeeping business for over 40 years. Olsen later discovered that the bees all died in transport. How he chose to deal with it ended up costing him.

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