Applying for Disability Benefits

 Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits is based on a number of factors and applicants must be careful to follow specific procedures.

Applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can be a challenging process for recently disabled workers, especially if the disability makes otherwise normal daily activities difficult. Learning about the process will help make applying for benefits a little less painful. This section focuses on the process of applying for SSDI or SSI benefits, with articles about eligibility; application procedures; whether or not you need a representative; and related matters.

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Can I Solve This on My Own or Do I Need an Attorney?

  • The initial Social Security process doesn’t require an attorney
  • An attorney primarily handles claims that are denied
  • It can be helpful to have an attorney during Social Security benefit disputes or appeals

A Social Security lawyer can help protect your rights to your benefits.

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Now is a great time to consider creating or revising your estate plan. Protect your assets through a will, decide who can make financial decisions for you through a power of attorney, and ensure you make important health care decisions through a health care directive. You can create these critical documents online using DIY estate planning forms.

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