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A.J. Firstman

Legal Blog Writer

A.J. Firstman, Legal Blog Writer

Articles written


AJ Firstman is a writer who got his undergraduate degree in Economics from Colorado State University and a Master's in Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Latest Articles

  • Prostitution at a Premium

    Two men and a woman were arrested in early November for allegedly owning, operating, and coordinating a series of high-end brothels in the greater Boston area and eastern Virginia. That alone isn't all that newsworthy – people have been running illegal brothels and prostitution rings since prostitution was first…

  • Racial Profiling Goes High-Tech: Facial Recognition Gone Wrong

    Six Detroit city police officers showed up at Porcha Woodruff's door one morning to place her under arrest. They had reason to believe that she was the culprit behind a robbery and carjacking that had been caught on camera, and they were convinced that she was the perp they…

  • The Odds Are Good, But the Goods Are Odd: Sports Betting in Florida

    Do you like sports? Do you enjoy gambling? Are you willing to spend your hard-earned money on a trip to Florida that doesn't involve a trip to Disney World? Well, mark your calendar and tell your family they're on their own for the holiday season, because Florida's about to…

  • Watch Out, Apple

    The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) recently issued an order that may stop Apple from importing Apple Watches. The decision is the result of a January 2023 ruling that upheld a patent infringement claim for a piece of light-based technology used to read blood-oxygen levels. Masimo, who initiated the…

  • Think of the Children: Meta in Court

    The attorneys general for 42 states have filed a group complaint against Meta, the owner of the ubiquitous social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. The complaint, filed in late October 2023, alleges that the company's products have caused severe harm to the collective psyche of America's youth, exacerbating –…

  • Abercrombie & Snitch: Former CEO Accused of Sex Trafficking in Lawsuit

    If you were a normal person in the 2000s with fewer than eight visible abs and cheekbones that couldn't be used to cut denim, chances are you never felt quite at home in Abercrombie & Fitch. The music was loud and abrasive. Gigantic pictures of gorgeous men and women…

  • Fani Willis Makes Trump Team Turn

    Fulton County District Attorney Fani T. Willis' racketeering case against Donald Trump and 18 of his lawyers, former lawyers, and allies appears to be gaining momentum. First filed in mid-August 2023, the indictment lays out a long list of alleged crimes committed by Trump and his team in the aftermath…

  • Minor Leagues Present Major Challenge to MLB's Antitrust Exemption

    Two minor league baseball teams have gone to the Supreme Court with a simple request: Put an end to the rules that have protected Major League Baseball from antitrust liability for over a century. It's hardly the first time MLB's antitrust immunity has been challenged in court, and it…

  • Should Background Check Companies Watch Their Backs?

    A federal judge in San Diego, California recently ruled that a background screening company Kentech Consulting must face a jury trial over claims that it got a woman fired because of an inaccurate and outdated report it produced back in 2014. Job seekers, potential job seekers, and anyone who…

  • Fake Crime and Real Punishment: Carlee Russell Found Guilty

    Carlee Russell said she saw a toddler walking along the side of I-459 in Hoover, Alabama. The boy was wearing nothing but a diaper, lacking any kind of adult supervision, and clearly up past his bedtime. This struck her as unusual. One doesn't normally expect to see unaccompanied babies…

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