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Amy Vandervort-Clark, J.D.

Contributing Author

Amy Vandervort-Clark, J.D., Contributing Author

Articles written


Amy Vandervort-Clark is a Legal Writer for FindLaw. She worked as a victim’s advocate for domestic abuse and stalking survivors in the Toledo, Ohio, court system before being inspired to attend law school. Amy achieved her J.D. from the University of Denver. She was a prosecutor intern for the Boulder County District Attorney’s office and the Wheat Ridge City Attorney in Colorado. Amy worked for SafeHouse Denver while in school and volunteered for the public defense clinic and the Innocence Project.

Shifting to public policy after graduation, Amy worked with the Council of State Governments, writing policy briefs for state legislatures and the public. She organized conferences to assist state legislators with multiple policy topics, ranging from interstate compacts to sex offender legislation.

An Army brat herself, Amy is proud to have been a part of the push for the now-active Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, which makes the number of moves military children endure a bit easier on their education requirements.

After taking time off, Amy began writing for a true crime app and podcast.

Amy has worked extensively in animal rescue and fostering, helping to save the lives of many dogs and cats over the years. And only adopting a few herself! She also enjoys knitting and crocheting whenever she has a spare moment, painting, and pretending to be a gourmet chef. She received her bachelor’s degree in communication from Ohio University and recently completed a Master’s degree in forensic psychology.



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