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Danielle Gilmore, Esq.

Contributing Author

Danielle Gilmore, Esq., Contributing Author

Articles written


Danielle Gilmore is a licensed attorney with a J.D. from Seattle University. After attending law school, Danielle earned a Certificate in Technical Communication from UC Berkeley Extension. 

Danielle is a native San Franciscan with a life-long love of writing. In addition to writing about all things legal, she is a freelancer for technical, UX, and creative writing projects. 

Latest Articles

  • Wrongful Death vs. Medical Malpractice

    Read this FindLaw article to learn more about the difference between wrongful death and medical malpractice claims.

  • Wrongful Death Claims: Time Limits and the 'Discovery' Rule

    Learn more about wrongful death claims, time limits, the discovery rule, personal injury, negligence, accidents, and other legal matters at

  • What Is the Open and Obvious Defense?

    It’s helpful to have an understanding of premises liability and its exceptions, such as the open and obvious defense. Learn about trespassers, the reasonable person, and much more at

  • Same Sex Adoption Cases

    Same-sex adoption cases at the federal and state levels have largely shaped what is permissible and what may be restricted. Learn about same-sex adoption, cases affecting it, and more at FindLaw's Family Law Center.

  • Is Open Adoption Right For You?

    Open, or fully disclosed, adoptions allow adoptive parents, and often the adopted child, to interact directly with birth parents. Get help deciding whether open adoption is right for you and more at FindLaw's Adoption Law section.

  • Filing Discrimination Charges With the EEOC

    If you believe your employee rights have been violated, you can file a claim through the EEOC. Learn about discrimination, conciliation, and much more at

  • Fair Housing: Race Discrimination

    Federal fair housing laws are designed to prevent racial discrimination in the rental, sale, and financing of apartments and houses. Learn about redlining, blockbusting, steering, and more at

  • Wrongful Death in a Car Accident

    Wrongful death in a car accident can happen for a variety of reasons. Learn more about wrongful death resulting from car accidents in this FindLaw article.

  • Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit?

    This FindLaw article explains who can file a wrongful death suit after the loss of a loved one, including information about relevant state laws.

  • What Is the 'Reasonable Expectation of Privacy'?

    An explanation of the reasonable expectation of privacy and where it applies.

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