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Hanan Zaki, J.D., LL.M.

Contributing Author

Hanan Zaki, J.D., LL.M., Contributing Author

Articles written


Hanan is a legal writer who works on content.

Hanan’s passion for the arts and humanities, and advocacy for equitable legal accessibility, has led her to contribute to Findlaw’s mission of providing comprehensible resources to the public.

Hanan holds a Masters of Law in Admiralty from Tulane University Law School, a Juris Doctor from the Charleston School of Law, and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Toledo. She has been published for her work in maritime law in the Association of Transportation Law Professionals.

While out of the office, Hanan enjoys going to the beach, kayaking, the theatre, film, and playing volleyball. She listens to the Strict Scrutiny and Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick podcasts on current legal issues. Hanan is also a fan of SNL, Succession, and Schmigadoon!

Latest Articles

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    Starting a medical malpractice lawsuit is complex. A time limit applies. FindLaw describes what to do first after a doctor or hospital injures you.

  • Breaches of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

    Sharing a patient's confidential information is medical malpractice. FindLaw explains patient rights and when a doctor can share your medical records.

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    FindLaw discusses the legal requirements for a destination wedding, who may perform the marriage abroad, and the documents you need to be married.

  • Vicarious Liability

    If you were injured in a medical injury, you may not be sure whether the injury was caused by a negligent doctor or whether the hospital is also at fault. Learn about torts, negligence, and much more at

  • Trend: Medical Malpractice Tort Reform

    Findlaw discusses medical malpractice tort reform, economic and non-economic recovery, arguments for and against tort reform, and examples of state laws.

  • Gross Negligence and Lack of Informed Consent

    Within the context of medical malpractice, the term gross negligence refers to conduct so reckless or mistaken as to render itself virtually obvious to a layman. Learn about informed consent, extreme recklessness, and much more at

  • Medical Malpractice: Who Can Be Sued?

    If you've suffered an injury at the hands of a healthcare professional or organization, it's important to know your paths to remedy. Learn about medical malpractice, civil suits, personal injury, torts, accidents, negligence, and much more at

  • Medical Records Release Form

    Findlaw discusses the importance of signing a medical records release form, HIPAA privacy standards, right to access, covered entities, and a sample form.

  • Informed Consent and Unauthorized Treatment

    Findlaw discusses lack of informed consent, unauthorized treatment in medical malpractice cases, and competency in emergencies.

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