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Michael DeRienzo

Legal Blog Writer

Michael DeRienzo, Legal Blog Writer

Articles written


Michael J. DeRienzo is a legal writer and journalist. He was formerly an attorney at The DeRienzo Group LLC and helps clients address Alternative Dispute Resolution legal issues.

In 2022, he was awarded a Rising Star, a designation of top-rated practicing attorneys selected through extensive evaluation. 

Michael graduated in 2014 from Villanova University School of Law.


Latest Articles

  • Professor Claims Age Is Not Just a Number in Discrimination Case

    There are advantages to getting older. Sure, your body starts to slow down a little bit, but there are a lot of perks to being in your golden years. Early bird specials. Government-funded healthcare. Social Security payments. Heck, you could…

  • College Athletes Win In Class Certification Motion

    Want to make some money while attending college? You can start your own business. You can also try to be a (paid) intern. Or, thanks to recent changes in the law, you can make money from being an athlete.

  • Easy, Weezy! Finder of Lost Notebook Demands Lil Wayne Stop Making Threats Over Ownership.

    Any kid on the playground can tell you what happens if you find something that another kid lost. Most of them will probably tell you the same thing: "Finders keepers. Losers Weepers." On the playground, there was little defense. The law of the playground was absolute. If you lost…

  • Your Castle May Not Be Protected From Collateral Police Damage

    Your home is your castle, right? If there is anything true in America, it's that a person is safe from government intrusion in their homes. Accused of a crime? The government cannot search your house without a warrant. Your house in the middle of…

  • Biden Seeks Help From SCOTUS in Banning Guns for Felons

    Is there anything more controversial in the United States right now than guns? Some argue that citizens have an unconditional right to "bear arms" under the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Others argue that it's more complicated than that, especially when it comes to subjects related to …

  • Major Airlines Flying Blind With Fake Parts

    Think about the last time you had to take a flight somewhere. You got up early, sat in traffic (or sped because you got up late), and then stood in line for what felt like hours in security. Then, after finding your terminal and…

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