Arizona District Attorneys

A criminal defense attorney possesses the expertise to present your case in the best light. Local criminal defense attorneys have an understanding of your case. Seasoned criminal defense attorneys can pinpoint potential challenges or gaps in the prosecutor's case. They can turn these into leverage for negotiating plea bargains.

District attorneys (D.A.) in Arizona, also known as “county attorneys," prosecute criminal cases on the government's behalf. This includes DUIs and violent crimes. Essentially, if you face criminal charges, the D.A. represents the government against you during your trial.

Each county typically has its own prosecutor's office. Phoenix, the state's capital, is in Maricopa County. Another well-known Arizona city, Tucson, is in Pima County.

The public elects the county attorney. This means the priorities of the prosecutor's office are responsive to public sentiment. So, some crimes, such as domestic violence, might become a priority over others based on voters' concerns.

Talking to the DA

If you're facing criminal charges and thinking about discussing them with the prosecutor's office, you should first get legal advice from an attorney experienced in Arizona criminal law. Communicating with prosecutors can have many pitfalls. In most instances, it's better to have your attorney talk to the prosecutor on your behalf. There are several reasons for this.

Your defense attorney may have a good working relationship with prosecutors. This can work to your advantage, especially during pre-trial matters.

An adept defense attorney will review and analyze the evidence against you, guiding you in shaping a robust defense strategy.

Above all, a criminal defense attorney stands as your guardian in the legal system. Their primary mandate is safeguarding your rights, ensuring that every facet of the justice system works in your favor.

Remember, the county attorney's office is building a case against you. Discussing your case could reveal information that may be detrimental to your defense or, worse, used against you during the trial.

Some defendants want a plea bargain. While you might want to negotiate a plea deal without legal assistance, certain prosecutors only deal with defense attorneys when considering plea bargains.

Representing yourself, sometimes called “self-help," isn't recommended. You should seek professional legal counsel when navigating the complexities of the criminal justice system.

Public Defenders

Legal help is available for Arizona residents with low incomes who need help with criminal law matters. The right to counsel is guaranteed under both the U.S. Constitution and Arizona's state constitution.

Public defenders are Arizona attorneys who provide legal representation at no cost for those who cannot afford a private attorney. They are defense lawyers and members of the Arizona State Bar.

The judge appoints public defenders. The referral may be for the public defender's office. However, if the public defender's office has a conflict with your case, a private lawyer will be appointed at no cost to you.

To get a public defender in Arizona, you must provide information about your earnings and household size. After completing the questionnaire, a judge or court commissioner will assess your ability to hire a criminal defense attorney. Generally, if you're at the poverty level defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, you will get a public defender.

Arizona public defenders handle several types of cases. This includes superior court or justice court cases and appeals to a higher court.

Arizona also has a federal public defender who handles federal criminal cases. To serve as a federal public defender, lawyers must be in good standing with the state bar and licensed by the state of Arizona.

Federal public defenders represent defendants in federal criminal cases who cannot afford to hire their own attorney. Whether someone qualifies for a federal public defender is generally based on their financial situation.

Legal Aid

If you're facing a civil legal issue, the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) or one of its affiliated organizations could assist you. LSC was established to fund legal aid groups that handle civil cases.

For example, Southern Arizona Legal Aid provides legal representation for practice areas, including:

  • Housing, eviction, and foreclosure
  • Public benefits denial
  • Guardianship of children
  • Divorce and child support

They also provide legal information and suggest other resources if they can't directly help you.

Statewide, various legal clinics might be able to provide low-cost legal help.

Arizona Attorney General

While district or county Attorneys represent their district, the state Attorney General represents the state in litigation. The Attorney General's Office also enforces consumer protection laws and sues on behalf of wronged Arizona residents.

Arizona District Attorneys (County Attorneys)

The following links provide additional details and contact information for Arizona's County Attorneys.

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Yuma County

Maricopa County


Note: Although we strive to provide the most current contact and website information available for the D.A. offices in this state, this information is subject to change. If you have found contact or website information that is not current, please contact us.

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