Montana District Attorneys

A district attorney (D.A.) is the prosecuting officer of a criminal case. They represent the state within their respective district. A district typically consists of one or more counties. In Montana, D.A.s are known as "county attorneys."

The main county attorney in each jurisdiction is an elected official who represents the people of the state of Montana. They do so against persons or entities alleged to have committed criminal offenses. Deputy county attorneys work for the elected county attorney. They're responsible for the prosecution of all felony and misdemeanor crimes occurring within their county.

If you're facing charges and communicating with the county attorney's office, getting legal advice from a licensed criminal defense attorney is important.

Montana County Attorney's Role in Prosecutions

In a criminal case, a judge (not a jury) renders a sentence against a criminal defendant. This occurs upon conviction or after entering a plea. The county attorney's role in this process is to present the judge with information. Such information includes victim testimony. It helps persuade the judge to pass down a specific sentence.

The judge will consider the information in a pre-sentence report prepared by the probation department. They'll also consider any additional evidence offered by the county attorney or a criminal defense lawyer. Finally, they'll also consider comments by the crime victim's family and other relevant information.

Montana Attorney General's Office

The top legal official in the state is the Montana Attorney General (or "A.G."). The Attorney General heads the Montana Department of Justice. The A.G. represents the state in litigation matters. They also work to enforce laws meant to protect consumers in the state.

The A.G. also serves in a number of other capacities. They assist in administering the criminal justice system in Montana. They also assist law enforcement agencies in administering and enforcing criminal justice.

Directory of Montana County Attorneys

Below are links to Montana district attorneys (county attorneys) by county. They handle criminal prosecutions in their respective counties. They do so in district courts. See below to learn more or find out how to get the best possible criminal defense representation. Click the links listed below to learn more about the county attorneys in each district of Montana.

Note: Although we strive to provide the most current contact and website information available for the D.A. offices in this state, this information is subject to change. If you have found contact or website information that is not current, please contact us.

Hire an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether this is your first time being charged with a crime or you've been through the Montana criminal justice system before, you should always have the best possible defense available. If you can't afford an attorney, knowing you still have options is important. You could contact the office of the public defender in your county.

Knowing your rights is key to possibly reducing or dismissing the charges against you. Learn more about how an experienced Montana criminal defense attorney can protect your interests.

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