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Career Switch Utilizing Legal Training

By Jeffrey Strausser

Q: I have 11 years experience with a major insurance company, a CPCU designation, close to completion of a ChFC designation, a law degree, one state bar license, but only 8 months practice experience. Im currently in a management development program at the insurance company, but would like to consider a switch back to something that would use my legal training more. However, I dont want to go back into traditional practice. What would be a good path that would leverage my background?

A: You may want to consider returning to the business sector. One area that could use your skill set, if you are interested, is Project Finance/ Business Development. You would be part of a team that develops, finances, and constructs/implements various projects. This line of work is quite lucrative, if you can bring in the projects. However, the downside is that it usually requires lots of travel and many extra hours, especially whenever you are trying to close a deal. You can refer to section in Judgment Reversed that describes these careers if you are not already familiar with them.

Another area that you might consider is management consulting. Your background is suited for some consulting firms that provide expertise to clients regarding various aspects of their business. This type of work would also help to broaden your experience in the business sector. Furthermore, many people use consulting firm experience as a conduit to higher level corporate jobs. Remember, no matter what you choose make sure that you focus on the Triple Point: Concentrate on a high value career in a high value field with a leading edge company.

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