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How To Price Legal Services

This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on How to Price Services. Pricing legal services is a necessary part of running a law firm. Learn about the various ways to analyze and determine the price of your legal services, using market value, flat rates, contingency fees and other methods of valuation. Start your research with FindLaw.

How To Price Legal Services Articles

  • How to Price Your Legal Services

    Setting fees for legal services is obviously a major issue to consider, not only when establishing your practice, but throughout the life of your law firm. There are various ways to price your fees. Some methods require heavy calculations, while others simply require you to survey the market to help determine your fees.

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  • Types of Pricing for Legal Services: Hourly Billing

    As part of determining the pricing method you wish to use to set your fees, you need to consider the available pricing options. There are various ways to charge for your your legal services – hourly, contingent fee, fixed rate, or some alternative structure. This article discusses hourly pricing.

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  • Types of Pricing for Legal Services: Contingency Fees

    In conjunction with an evaluation of the different pricing methods, you must also determine whether you want to use hourly billing, contingency fees, fixed fee, or an alternative fee structure. This article focuses on contingency pricing.

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  • Types of Legal Services Pricing: Fixed Fee and Retainer

    As part of determining how much your small law practice should charge client for your work, you need to also consider the various pricing options, such as hourly billing, contingency fees, fixed fees, and alternative fee structures. This article focuses and fixed or flat fees and retainers.

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  • Real Alternatives to the Billable Hour

    Although the billable hour has long been considered the gold standard for law firm fees, the truth is that this is not always a fair or straightforward way to receive compensation.

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  • The Optics of Law Firm Rate Increases

    A law firm's practice of forgoing the recovery of printing and scanning expenses builds goodwill only if the clients understand the amounts involved.

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