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Legal Funding

This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles related to Legal Funding. Legal Funding -- also called Litigation Funding, Appellate Financing, and Settlement Financing -- refers to the different types and methods of financing available to lawyers and clients in connection to lawsuits and/or settlements. Parties to these transactions should be fully aware of the risks and rewards of such legal financing. Start your research with FindLaw.

Legal Funding Articles

  • Litigation Funding: Is It Right for Your Case?

    Litigation funding services have been put in place to provide relief to people who are involved in pending litigation and through no fault of their own, need financial assistance, but do not qualify for traditional loan products. However, litigation funding can be, and often is, expensive. How do you know if this is right for your case?

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  • Four Myths about Legal Funding

    Legal funding is the fastest emerging financial trend in the U.S. justice system. With industry leaders currently reviewing more than 40,000 funding applications per month, legal funding has risen from relative obscurity five years ago to the forefront of marketplace solutions for attorneys and their clients.

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  • Non-Recourse Legal Funding for Money Judgments on Appeal

    Attorneys work hard for months or years to achieve a favorable trial outcome. Clients and attorneys invest thousand of dollars in fees and costs. An appeal entails putting more time and money at risk. It subjects the judgment to reversal or remand. At best, it means another year or two until recovery. In the meantime, there are bills to pay, for client and attorney alike.

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  • The Advantages of Legal Funding

    Legal funding has emerged as a valuable resource for cash-starved clients struggling to make ends meet as they wait for pending litigation to be resolved. Although some members of the legal community were initially leery of legal funding, it has proven itself to be an important and valuable financial solution for both attorneys and their clients.

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  • The Continuing Struggle Over Litigation Funding

    In the case of Rancman v. Interim Settlement Funding Corp., the Ohio Supreme Court invalidated a contract relating to litigation funding. Find out why this author believes that holding was mistaken.

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