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This is FindLaw's Law Firm Management Center's collection of free articles on Startup. Startup refers to the very early stages of running a solo or small law practice. There are many business details to consider in the early stages of starting and running your law practice. Start your research with FindLaw.

Startup Articles

  • Flying Solo: Starting Your Own Law Practice

    Whether you have just graduated from law school or have been working at a law firm for decades, starting your own practice is always an option. Although it is scary to consider putting on the pilot's hat and flying your own plane, if you follow some of these guidelines, there is no reason why you cannot learn to fly successfully.

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  • Managing a Virtual Law Practice

    It's inevitable to face challenges when you're operating a virtual law practice, but you may not be aware of all that is required of your practice, including the ethical rules that apply. This article will help you identify and manage the potential problem areas that could arise.

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  • Growing a Law Firm: Legal Calendaring and Malpractice

    No one likes writing a brief at the last minute, especially when you're facing a daunting personal service deadline by the end of the day. Even worse, writing a brief only to find out that you filed it a day late because of a calendaring mistake. These mistakes can be costly and, in some cases, can amount to malpractice. Steer clear of trouble with these seven tips for improving your calendaring system.

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  • Billing Clients and the Billable Hour

    Providing detailed billing statements is a lot of work, but it's worth it. The more time you spend preparing your statement on the front end, the less time explaining your bill to your client on the back end. This article will provide you with practical information on law firm in billing structures and how to prepare billing statements that will bring you the funding you need.

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  • Malpractice and the Attorney Client Trust Account

    Failing to properly set up and maintain an attorney client trust account is one sure fire way to find yourself embroiled in malpractice allegations down the road. This article will highlight some of the unsuspecting dangers that lurk when handling client funds as well as the relatively simple ways you can avoid them.

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  • Growing a Law Firm: Checking for Conflicts

    Having conflicts can be a good sign. After all, it could mean that you've been busy representing a number of clients and interests. However, failing to have a good conflict checking system could bring that all to an end by forcing you to withdraw from representing clients or, worse yet, by forcing you to defend yourself against malpractice allegations. This article can help you avoid these problems as it covers ways to organize your client information and to setup a conflict checking system.

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  • Growing a Law Firm: Creating an Employee Handbook

    The staffing decisions that you make for your growing law firm could be the determining factors in your firm's future success or failure. That's why it's important to make sure your employees understand your organization and their roles in it. Employee handbooks are a critical part of that process. Make sure you're covering what's needed in your law firm employee handbook with this article's helpful overview.

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  • Starting a Virtual Law Firm

    There are always challenges when you decide to strike out on your own and the same is true when starting a virtual law firm. This article covers key factors and strategies that you will need to consider as you get your virtual practice off the ground.

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  • How to Start a Law Firm: Startup Checklist

    Thinking of opening a law office? The following is a simple, basic checklist to get your office up and running, but the checklist will actually vary depending on your individual needs, the type of law you will practice, staffing needs, and various other factors.

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  • How to Start a Law Firm: Office Furniture and Supplies

    Attorneys looking to start up a firm often look for the best furniture, equipment, and supplies available so as to impress their prospective clients once the office is open. However, lawyers just starting out their careers or making a clean, fresh transition from another practice, may have to be more practical in their considerations.

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