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Analysis is the process of evaluating a collection of electronic discovery materials to determine relevant summary information, such as key topics of the case, important people, specific vocabulary and jargon, and important individual documents. This information is useful at the outset before detailed review is conducted to help with important early decisions and to improve the productivity of all remaining electronic discovery activities. Analysis is performed throughout the remainder of the process as new information is uncovered and issues of the case evolve.

In the analytic process, important knowledge for a case can be discerned from the large body of collected documents and messages. Good technology and techniques are essential to effective analysis. When good tools are available and appropriate techniques are followed, information essential to making your case can be quickly and easily obtained in a manner that is both more accurate and much less costly than exhaustive manual review.

This section covers the techniques and tools of analysis and then discusses how they can be effectively employed at key points throughout the electronic discovery process.


Analysis Articles

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