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Case Study: Creating Gantt Charts and Timelines for Litigation


The Case

Paralegal Nancy Rice works as a project manager at Hohmann, Taube & Summers, a law firm specializing in civil litigation. She frequently needs to create charts and diagrams related to legal cases.

"I have to create Gantt charts, timelines, and other visual aids to illustrate the series of events leading to the particular lawsuit," said Rice.

Rice used to create these diagrams in PowerPoint, until she got so frustrated that she decided she'd had enough.

"I wanted to see what else was out there, so I searched on the Internet and came across SmartDraw."

The Star Witness

Rice was impressed by SmartDraw's ease-of-use.

"It was so easy to download and navigate," she said. "The built-in tutorials are also convenient and easy to follow."

The SmartDraw web site offers dozens of tutorials and example diagrams for flowcharts, Gantt charts, timelines, and more, making easy work out of any project.

With thousands of symbols for each type of diagram, and SmartDraw's simple "drag and drop" drawing, even the most complex visual aids are only minutes away.

"The ability to create timelines that show a series of events to a client is very important," said Rice. "SmartDraw is an excellent tool for this."

Closing Arguments

Rice now uses SmartDraw daily.

"I'm able to make better-looking diagrams than ever before," she said. "SmartDraw makes me look prepared and professional. My supervising partners are impressed!"

SmartDraw saves her three hours a day, freeing her time for other legal projects.

The verdict?

"Nothing beats professional visual aids in presentations," said Rice. "I would definitely recommend SmartDraw to other paralegals."

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