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Genuine Licensed Software: Understand the Advantages

As a legal professional, you're expected to live by the letter of the law. It's easy to do when you understand the rules inside and out. It gets more complicated when it involves issues that may not be top-of-mind -- such as software licensing.

To provide a clear understanding of proper software licensing, we've put together a set of software management tools and resources that will help you make sure that your firm is in total compliance with U.S. copyright laws. First, take a look at the advantages your firm will gain -- and risks it will avoid -- by using genuine licensed software.

The benefits are clear.

Establishing a well-designed software asset management plan strengthens your organization in a variety of ways. First, you'll gain a clear understanding of your firm's software usage and needs. You'll have the information you need to make smart decisions about software purchases and streamline licensing costs. Most important, you'll be able to ensure that your firm gets the most value from its software investments.

Making sure your business software is properly licensed also safeguards against the risk of penalties resulting from a Business Software Alliance (BSA) investigation. (BSA is an organization that protects intellectual property rights worldwide). Plus, your firm will be in full compliance with U.S. copyright laws, which allow for penalties of up to $150,000 for each program infringed.

Checking your licenses is easier than you think.

There are several resources to help your firm manage its software licenses. First check out Microsoft's Software Management Guide. This useful online resource is filled with valuable tools to help you keep track of your firm's software licenses. Or, if you already have a relationship with a software reseller, we encourage you to take advantage of their knowledge about licensing and have them help you devise a software management plan for your business. If you discover that your firm is short on software licenses, now's the time to get compliant.

It's easy to make sure your firm's software is properly licensed. It's a simple step that will protect the value of your software and show your clients that you take the law seriously.

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