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Mail Attender for Notes Enhances End-User Archiving Experience

By Sherpa Software of Sherpa Software

Pittsburgh, PA, June 7, 2006 - Sherpa Software has announced the latest release of their email management and archiving solution, Mail Attender for Lotus Notes 6.3. Mail Attender provides extensive content filtering, policy enforcement and archiving capabilities to companies addressing issues relating to storage management, content discovery and compliance within IBM Lotus Domino.

Version 6.3 of Mail Attender improves methods for end-users and/or delegates to view and access their personal archives. In this version, administrators can specify icons to be displayed for archived emails and/or attachments. This allows users to easily and immediately identify which of their emails have been archived within the mail database. In addition, access to archives can be delegated to other persons such as compliance/security officers to conduct audits and reviews of users' archives.

Once an archived email/attachment has been opened, there are some additional features the administrator can utilize to make the process more seamless for the user. Within the email, the entire body and/or attachments can be removed from the email and replaced with URL links (sometimes called message stubs). URL links provide users direct access to their archived messages and are also helpful when users are utilizing a browser to access their mail. Prior to this version, doc links were the only method of accessing archived information.

Along with the "message stubs", single source searching of a specified number of characters from the archived email can be retained within the body field. Thus, enabling users to search all their archive locations from a single search location. This increases search request speed and reduces the time users spend hunting for various messages. Additionally, users can view the first # of characters from the message immediately upon its opening. While both options can be used independently, when stubbing and initial characters are used in conjunction, the user has immediate access to initial content and increased search capabilities of the archived email while still having a portal to retrieve the archived email in its entirety.

Version 6.3 will also provide further control over user-driven mail rules. With Mail Attender, you now have the ability to collect, delete and/or disable the mail rules for mail databases created by users. This can be used to prevent the automatic forwarding of mail to outside email addresses or can be used to automatically delete messages received from specific senders/domains for legal concerns.

"Mail Attender 6.3 greatly improves the end-user archiving experience by providing easy methods for them to access and view archived mail and eliminate 'message hunting'," says Jeff Tujetsch, Product Manager, Sherpa Software. "Archiving has become a standard business practice for many organizations. Providing options and visibility for end-users will make the entire process, including the roll-out, much more seamless to all parties involved."

Sherpa Software is a privately held company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a worldwide distribution channel. Sherpa designs and develops groupware utility software targeted to provide email management, policy enforcement, content discovery and archiving functionality that is not inherent within IBM Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange.

For more information on Mail Attender for Exchange Enterprise, please contact Cathy Capizzi at 412-206-0005 x207 or visit
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