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111 Ways to Find Your Next Legal or Non-Legal Job

By Neetal Parekh on November 02, 2009 5:58 AM

Unless the job finds you first, you are the one who will be charged with leading the search party for a new position. And "party" may be a bit of a euphemism. The peaks and troughs of being in the job search are enough to make you question, well, just about everything. Did you choose the right major in college, was your decision to go to law school solid, should you have done a different internship after 1L, is it okay to do something completely non law-related? Heck, you may find yourself wondering if you should have played kickball instead of climbing monkey bars during recess in first grade.

You're a smart and talented person, and probably funny and personable too, should it be this hard to find a new job?

It is a tough economy. And even in a robust economy, finding the right socket to plug in your unique experience and education isn't always straightforward.  But it is possible. As the job market finds its feet, law firms, companies, the government, and non-profit organizations will likely be launching broader candidate searches.

So part of your search strategy involves being ready and knowing where to look.  And that is where this list comes in.  Check out the sometimes-serious, sometimes-humorous, always-possible ways to find your next legal or non-legal job. And with a 111 to pick and choose from, there should be at least a few that apply to you.  Whether actual, virtual, or otherwise, the possibilities will give you at least an idea of what might be printed on your next business card.

A special thank-you to colleagues and friends who contributed to the compilation.

Please note: This list is neither comprehensive nor is it exhaustive.  Mention of items or links to websites are for informational purposes and are not endorsements of the listed items.

Where, How, When to find your next job...

  1. FindLaw Cool Jobs newsletter 
  2. With a former employer
  3. At a local Bar association evening mixer
  4. Through an informational interview
  6. Mashable Jobs
  7. At yoga class
  8. Special Counsel
  9. On a golf course
  10. Law school career board
  11. At the empty desk of the family business
  12. Robert Half Legal
  13. Participating a charity half-marathon
  14. Non-profit job fair
  15. On a Kickball team (yes, they do exist)
  18. In the kitchen (think new gadget invention, recipe compilation)
  19. College career board
  20. While biking a century
  22. At a non-profit legal services organization, while volunteering
  23. Law school alumni event
  24. In your garage (think Silicon Valley start-ups)
  25. At a CLE seminar
  27. Through a favorite hobby
  28. At a college alumni event
  29. From a recruiter
  30. Through former colleagues
  31. At your high school reunion
  32. While researching for a blog post
  33. At a start-up
  35. Tennis lessons
  36. On an airplane
  37. On you county's government website
  40. On, from an unlikely re-connection
  41. From emailing a former professor
  43. While taking public transport
  44. From contacting places you applied-to, but didn't intern at in law school
  45. With the publishing company of your favorite law school supplement
  48. On a cross-country roadtrip
  49. From organizing a "pink-slip" happy hour with friends whose companies are hiring, or who are in the same boat
  50. At a book store or discussion group
  51. Through tutoring kids, and talking to their parents
  52. Consulting with a law firm
  53. Taking a language class
  55. From an email thread to all of your friends letting them know you are job searching and what you're seeking
  56. Volunteering on a political campaign
  58. Yahoo! HotJobs [acquired by]
  59. Through submitting a white paper to firms, companies, non-profits about an important industry development
  60. Helping with recruitment efforts for your law school or undergraduate alma mater
  61. Meeting other like-minded, diehard sports fans...while tailgating
  62. Putting out your shingle, opening your own practice
  63. On a Greedy Associates Board
  65. While consulting with a career/life coach
  66. At a gathering organized on
  67. While volunteering at one of the law school clinics you participated in as a student
  68. At a non-law job fair, after de-emphasizing your law degree on your resume
  69. Through a temporary, contract legal stint with a prominent solo attorney
  70. Talking on a ski lift ride up, or carving the slopes on the way down
  71. Weekly karaoke night
  74. From publishing legal articles in online journals
  75. At a conference
  76. Through contacting a friend or former colleague who had the position you seek
  78. FindLaw Outplacement Center
  79. Playing pick-up basketball at lunchtime, on a weekday
  80. Attending local Chamber of Commerce small business mixers
  81. Volunteering with other attorneys at a Bar Association weekend charity event
  82. On a international trip, to a place you've always wanted to visit
  83. Doing pro bono research for a former professor in a field you are interested in joining
  84. FindLaw Legal Recruiter Directory
  86. At a book signing event
  87. After organizing a "think tank" of fellow job seekers to generate leads and job search strategies
  88. Volunteering with a favorite cause
  89. At the dog park
  90. While talking to your hair stylist
  92. While hosting a garage sale
  93. After submitting a constructive critique of an existing product or service of a potential employer
  94. Through assisting other friends, family, former colleagues in finding a job or editing a resume
  95. During an evening or weekend class in a subject you want to know better
  96. From reading the leading publications in a field you are interested in joining
  98. Through carpooling
  99. Attending open houses of new businesses or restaurants
  100. After going to a major networking conference, in another city
  101. Assisting in fundraising efforts with an alumni association
  102. Through posting links on a topic you are interested in on
  103. Following users posting on a subject you are interested in on
  104. Learning marketable tech skills, such as simple HTML or advanced computing software
  105. Speaking at conferences or events or participating in speaker panels
  106. Volunteering as a small claims court mediator
  107. While interviewing leading figures for a book you are writing
  108. From asking your parents for help in the job search
  109. After obtaining an additional certification
  110. At the FindLaw Career Center
  111. While doing something you love to do

Editor's Note: Since the time this post was written in 2009, some of the websites referred to are no longer in operation.

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