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Farewell, Saul Goodman, Esq.

By Richard Dahl

Saul Goodman's days as a fictional lawyer are almost certainly over, which is bad news for many of us. In case you're unaware, Saul Goodman is the central character in Better Call Saul, a TV masterpiece that recently ended its six-season run on AMC and AMC+. Saul is the tale of an often…

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Four Tips for Managing Difficult Client Conversations

By Joseph Fawbush, Esq.

Just spent an hour explaining to a client why you do, in fact, have to charge for your services? Did your client forcefully accuse you of “not being on their side” because you insist on telling the truth? Did you maintain professionalism while a client hurled an insult or two derived straight from a lawyer joke? Problem clients can be a real burden - both on a law practice and on a lawyer’s psyche.

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Solo Sanity: 3 Mental Health Tips for Solo Practitioners

By Catherine Hodder, Esq.

There is no doubt that lawyering is stressful. And it is even more difficult for solo practitioners, who often do not have much of a safety net or support team. Stress is bad in and of itself, but it can also lead to other mental and physical problems. Here are a few tips to ease stress and boost your mental health.

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How Do You Feel About Your Client Intake?

By Catherine Hodder, Esq.

Good client intake is like a good handshake. Both people can feel something from the beginning. Back in the day, a firm grip might suggest a strong constitution and commitment. People were as good as their word. Today, however, client intake is not about handshakes. It includes intake forms, engagement letters, and fee agreements. It is harder to discern if the client relationship is a good fit.

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When Should A Lawyer Acknowledge a Client Is Wrong?

By William Vogeler, Esq.

Even when criminal defendants are guilty as sin, defense attorneys advise them to plead not guilty. Everybody knows that, and that's why laypeople hate lawyers. Well, it's one of the reasons everyone hates lawyers; we don't have time to go into all the reasons. We're going to look at just one issue from the public's perspective - how attorneys say one thing even when everybody knows (or thinks they know) the truth.

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When Lawyers Need a Lawyer: Wills and Succession

By George Khoury, Esq.

For many lawyers, like regular people, estate and succession planning often take a backseat to the more pressing needs of the present. However, lawyers, like regular folk, should not neglect hiring a lawyer themselves for the purposes of estate planning, as well as their own legal practice’s succession (particularly if they are a solo practitioner, or equity partner). Can’t Lawyers Write Their Own Wills?

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