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Michigan Law School Bans ChatGPT Generated Applications

By Natasha Bakirci

At a London party in 1883, Oscar Wilde, arguably one of the greatest literary geniuses of all time, begrudgingly remarked on painter James McNeill Whistler's witticism with "I wish I had said that." Whistler reportedly quipped "You will Oscar, you will." American playwright William Inge famously claimed, "Originality is…

Silverman Goes for the Gold

By A.J. Firstman

The term "generative AI" may be a bit of a misnomer. AI platforms like ChatGPT may seem like they produce answers to queries using humanlike intelligence and creativity, but the reality is that their intelligence is an illusion created by complex systems working off of broad and deep datasets.

Federal Judge Fights the Use of Artificial Intelligence in His Courtroom

By A.J. Firstman

The rise of artificial intelligence and sophisticated language models like ChatGPT has created nearly as many headaches as opportunities. Educators from middle school to postgrad have suddenly been forced to contend with a sea of AI-generated work, much of it nearly indistinguishable from the genuine article. Writers of every persuasion have…

Generative AI: Biggest Threat to the Music Industry Since Napster?

By Eric Harvey, J.D.

As of late, generative AI systems have become the hottest musical artists, as they've raised legal questions related to copyright law. In April, such a system authored a song titled "Heart on My Sleeve," which featured voices exactly like those of Drake and The Weeknd. On multiple streaming…

Tips for Catching Deepfakes in Evidence

By Laura Temme, Esq.

Many who create deepfakes just do it for fun, but manipulated videos and audio have made their way into litigation. So how do we keep fakes from being admitted as evidence. We've identified a few things to watch for when reviewing audio and video evidence that seems too good (or bad) to be true.

Bumpy Road Ahead for All in Adoption of AI in the Legal Industry

By Vaidehi Mehta, Esq.

2023 feels more like Y2K with the exponential growth in artificial intelligence. My, how far we've come from SmarterChild. It seems like just yesterday we could barely imagine the world of "WALL-E"; now, we can't imagine a world without DALL-E. But with the recent tsunami of…

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