Guide to Voting in Federal Elections

Are you unsure if you have the right to vote? Will you be busy or away from home on Election Day? Do you know how to register to vote? What can and can't you do at the polls?

Get answers to these voting questions and many more in this voter guide. It covers many of the FAQs associated with the voting process.

Understanding your eligibility to vote is crucial for engaging in the democratic process. Whether you're an experienced registered voter or a first-time voter, you may have questions about the voting process. Even if you've never voted in a county election or state election, make sure you know if and how you can take part in the general election. From in-person voting to military and overseas voting with mail ballots, there are many ways to exercise your voting rights.

Am I Eligible to Vote?

I Am Unavailable or Away on Election Day

Voting Registration

At the Polls

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If you have more questions about voter information, contact your local election office or visit your state's secretary of state's website. If you are voting in person, election officials give you basic instructions.

If you believe someone has violated your voting rights, contact a voting rights lawyer right away.

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