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Maddy Buck, Esq.

Legal Writer

Maddy Buck, Esq., Legal Writer

Articles written


Legal Writer, FindLaw Legal Forms & Services

Maddy Buck is a Legal Writer for FindLaw’s Legal Forms & Services. She is an attorney and artist, analytical and creative. She uses her left brain to edit copy and decipher the ContractExpress logic that creates the FindLaw Forms and Services experience. With her right brain, she finds creative and whimsical ways to explain (and sometimes draw) legal concepts. 

Before joining FindLaw, she worked in International Health, Safety, and Compliance at the University of Minnesota and clerked for the Minnesota Supreme Court. She received her JD, cum laude, from the University of Michigan Law School, where she was an editor of the Michigan Law Review and a member of the Michigan Law Human Trafficking Clinic. Maddy graduated from St. Olaf College and completed a Fulbright Research grant in Oslo, Norway, where she contributed to research on sustainability in the textile industry. She is licensed to practice in Minnesota.

Maddy is interested in how law and visual communication can, and do, interact. Her whimsical "LetsDrawLaw" comics have appeared in Hennepin Lawyer, on,  and on her blog. In 2019, she was a co-speaker for the CLE, Thinking Visually - Because Clients Do, at the Solos Moving Forward Together Summit. In 2017, her "Let's Draw Law" and "Unfolding the Human Trafficking Court" projects were part of the Stanford Law School's Law + Design Summit.

Maddy is happiest when she's on a tennis court or near a lake. Luckily, both of those exist in Minnesota.

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Latest Articles

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    If it seems like it's taking an eternity turn 21, try learning to exercise a little patience. The legal consequences of being caught with a fake ID are more serious than you probably think. FindLaw takes a look at this important topic in our teen comic series.

  • COMIC: What Happens To Teens Caught Shoplifting?

    This Black Friday, the only thing you should be taking an extra helping of is mashed potatoes from the Thanksgiving leftovers. Shoplifting is especially prevalent this time of year, but the penalties, even for teens, can be harsh. Learn more before making a mistake you'll regret.

  • COMIC: What Happens if I Get Caught Vaping?

    "Hitting the nic" may seem like harmless teenage fun, but it's also illegal. And that means you can face some serious penalties. FindLaw has more on this topic in our latest installment of our comics for teens series.

  • COMIC: Halloween Crime and Teenagers

    Halloween and juvenile crime are a sad mix. FindLaw takes a look in comic form at the temptations that teens everywhere should avoid this Halloween season. Your parents and your record will thank you.

  • COMIC: What Happens if You're Caught Underage Drinking?

    Teen drinking continues to be a problem. And it's important to remember that the law sees it as more than just "harmless fun." In our latest comic for teens, FindLaw takes a look at what can happen if you're caught drinking underage.

  • COMIC: What Happens When Teens Get Speeding Tickets?

    Getting a speeding ticket is never fun, but if you're a teen you likely have more than just mad parents to worry about. In comic form, FindLaw takes a look at what can happen to teens who get speeding tickets quickly after getting their driver's licenses.

  • COMIC: I'm 18 and Dating Someone Younger. Is it Illegal To have Sex?

    A new comic from FindLaw looks at statutory rape laws and what teens, even those who are "in love," need to consider before having sex. If you're a teen, you're gonna want to read this.

  • COMIC: Is Sexting Legal for Minors?

    Sexting is a consensual act. But even if teenagers who are under 18 consent to engaging in sexting, is it breaking the law? It actually could be! FindLaw takes a look at this important topic in our latest comic.

  • Can You Join a National General Strike?

    This depends on your risk tolerance, whether you're part of a union, and the nature of the general strike, if one ever occurs in the United States. If you're hanging out on social media these days (aren't we all?), you may have seen "Let's all just strike" or #generalstrike calls in the past few years. They've popped up in response to the pandemic, the Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, and frustration with the current burnout reality of work.

  • How Does the Law Handle Bad Actors in the Crypto Space?

    Cryptocurrency can certainly be cryptic. It has its own lingo and set of concepts, and many who operate in the space do so with the anonymity of their meme profile pics and pseudonyms. The legal nature of crypto is also cryptic. Does it fit into our existing financial regulation frameworks? Or is it something new entirely? What does that mean for those who take advantage of the murkiness at the expense of others? As crypto has become more mainstream, lawsuits and administrative proceedings are picking up and wrestling with these questions.

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