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Want to take control of your legal career? The Law Career Management section of the FindLaw Career Center provides advice on how to maximize successful career choices and how to deal with a variety of employment challenges. Knowing how to approach issues such as changing jobs, handling job loss, work-life balance, and ongoing education will be critical to the success and longevity of your career. Take charge of your career path and arm yourself with the tools you will need to make strategic career decisions and deal with any challenges that come your way. FindLaw can guide you through these many important career crossroads, and help you find the answers to your career management questions.

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  • Notifying Clients Of Your Departure From The Law Firm

    I am leaving a law firm for another one, but would like to take clients I brought to the firm. Is there a "proper" way to notify the clients I would like to take? The ABA dealt with this issue in its Formal Opinion 99-414.

  • Making a Lateral Move: Are You Ready?

    Accepting an entry level job at a law firm is a big career hurdle for a law student. It is a goal that took years of hard work and academic achievement to reach. But at some point, young associates should set new career goals.

  • Career Lessons From a Law Firm Dissolution

    The legal community will continue to speculate about what caused the demise of Testa Hurwitz and Thibeault. While the dramatic turn of Testa's fortunes provides us with some good food for thought about what it takes to keep a partnership profitable and sustainable, I believe that more importantly, Testa provides some very valuable career lessons for all attorneys.

  • In Search of Work/Life Balance

    Several months ago, I went on vacation to Hawaii with my family. After we had been there several days, my wife surprised me by signing me up for a snorkeling trip. It was a chance to be out on a boat in a beautiful ocean with beautiful scenery.

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