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Handling Job Loss

Experiencing the loss of a job can be extremely stressful. You’re worried about your career, your finances, and maybe even how you will provide for your family. How can you overcome this setback? The Handling Job Loss section of FindLaw's Career Center can help. FindLaw has information on strategies for bouncing back from job loss, creating equitable severance packages, understanding your reactions to job loss, career lessons from a law firm dissolution, finding a new home for practice, and managing your career in a declining market. Losing a job may be difficult, but read on to discover ways you can manage this tough time in your career.

Handling Job Loss Articles

  • 8 Strategies for Bouncing Back from Job Loss

    Losing a job is never easy, but FindLaw has a few tips to help you process things and get back in the game. 

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  • Managing Your Career in a Declining Market

    There are signs that the legal market is slowing. Corporate legal work is down and lateral hiring has become more selective.

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  • Finding a New Home for Your Law Practice

    Partner movement is a reality. No matter what you think about the accelerating rate of change in the profession, it is a fact of life that practice group acquisitions, law firm mergers and individual partner moves are occurring with growing frequency.

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  • Career Lessons From a Law Firm Dissolution

    The legal community will continue to speculate about what caused the demise of Testa Hurwitz and Thibeault. While the dramatic turn of Testa's fortunes provides us with some good food for thought about what it takes to keep a partnership profitable and sustainable, I believe that more importantly, Testa provides some very valuable career lessons for all attorneys.

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  • Understand Your Reactions to Job Loss

    Layoffs abound –-- they are a fact of working life today. Whether you're the only person or one member of a group caught in a major staff reduction, the bottom line tends to be a feeling that you have lost control of your life.

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  • A 5-Step Plan for Restructuring

    To help managers and HR professionals to be more effective at managing restructuring initiatives, it is important for them to know the proper way to communicate the news of a termination, to ensure that departing employees are treated with dignity and respect, while also minimizing the potential negative impact of a downsizing.

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  • Creating Equitable Severance Packages

    In today’'s state of economic uncertainty, most people are not losing their jobs through any fault of their own; rather, layoffs are predominantly based on business decisions to maintain profitability and competitiveness. As a result of the current economic climate, it is important for employers (and employees) to be informed of the components of an equitable severance package.

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