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Just how satisfying is your current career situation? Is your job 80 percent drudgery? Is the enjoyable 20 percent of your position enough to keep you happy? We're going to assume that because you're reading this, you want to continue pursuing your legal career. We'll also assume that you're not satisfied with your current position because it simply isn't providing you with a number of important opportunities. Are you being denied access to a partnership track or the opportunity to improve your skills? Are the most interesting assignments always being given to others? Does it just feel like something critical is missing?

Perhaps you have personal reasons for wanting to change your position. Maybe you're more productive and happier when working in a smaller, more intimate environment. You may even be someone who actually prefers a faster, more dynamic workplace. Some attorneys just want to return to a favorite city or relocate to a bigger or smaller one. An upcoming marriage to someone living in another city or family ties to a different part of the country also motivate many people to move.

Our experience has taught us that what matters most is whether you believe your reasons for finding a new position are valid. It generally isn't important what others have to say, as long as you have carefully thought about all of the most important issues involved. If you're a BCG candidate who believes it's time to seek out a new position in your same city or elsewhere in the country, our recruiters will do everything they can to meet your needs.

Making a Change

It's a cardinal rule in life, though often broken, that a person should never make a change just to avoid or escape something. Why is this true? When you fail to do a bit of careful self-analysis, you're likely to make the same mistakes all over again. You'll just end up taking your unhappiness with you. So what is a good reason for making a change? It's time to move when you are certain that doing so will provide you with greater professional and personal satisfaction in your life.

No professional recruiter should ever work with a candidate until it's clear that the individual has taken the time to realistically determine whether better opportunities can be found elsewhere. On a daily basis, we refuse to work with numerous candidates because their stated reasons for moving simply don't make sense. Once we can tell that you are truly acting in your own best interests, we will do all we can to provide you with a long-lasting placement.

BCG Attorney Search's Job-Analysis Tool has been designed by a professional career counselor to help you develop "insights" into your current career status. Once you've totaled your scores, you should achieve some sort of generalized understanding of whether or not changing jobs will be in your best interests. Before deciding to work with BCG or another professional recruiting firm, please be sure to use our Job-Analysis Tool.

by A. Harrison Barnes, Esq.

This article courtesy of BCG Attorney Search.

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