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Law Schools of Europe

​When planning your legal education, it may be interesting to consider some unconventional options. Studying abroad can be an experience that creates unique opportunities and experiences. Before making the leap, however, you would do well to carefully consider the risks and benefits of making such a decision, as well as conduct careful research into the schools you might choose to attend. The following article considers the option of studying the law in Europe and lists some of the more respected educational institutions that have programs of this kind.

Important Considerations

Before you start shopping for schools, you should consider your educational goals. Which legal system are you looking to study? You may wish to pursue an education in the legal system of a single European country, you may be interested in studying the laws of the European Union, or you may be interested in international laws generally.

Whatever your goal, you should be clear on your options for legal practice following your studies. A limited number of U.S. states permit someone with a foreign law degree to sit for the bar and practice law. 

If you hope to remain in Europe following your studies, you should acquaint yourself with the jurisdiction's rules for admission to practice, as well as the legal status needed to remain in the country following your graduation.

Alternatively, you may see legal education as a supplement to your education and intend to seek work that doesn't require the practice of law. Knowledge of the law might be useful for international business transactions, specialization in foreign regulatory compliance, or other positions relating to the analysis of international legal issues.

How Can I Find a Law School in Europe?

The U.S. News and World Report produces law school rankings, including a list of their top European Universities. However, this list assesses the reputations of universities generally and not law programs specifically. The UK edition of Business Insider lists the 15 most prestigious law schools in Europe. In addition to these storied institutions of higher education, there are many other schools that offer law programs in Europe. The following list includes many reputable European law schools:

United Kingdom

Taking Your Next Steps

Planning a legal education is complicated, even without international issues involved. Having access to reliable information can help make your research and decision-making considerably easier. Peruse FindLaw for Law Students resources for some assistance in answering your questions about getting a legal education and starting a career as a lawyer.

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