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Alternatives to Law School

If you're interested in the law but unsure if you want to spend three years and a lot of money pursuing a law degree, you might want to consider an alternative legal career. Legal support positions, for example, allow you to learn about the law on the job (with a paycheck).

Although practicing attorneys may not admit it, sometimes their legal staffers are better versed in certain laws or procedures and are an invaluable source of support for a law firm. As a paralegal or legal assistant, you can learn about the practice of law without the law school price tag. These positions also set you up well for law school if you later decide to get your Juris Doctor. But which alternative legal career is right for you?

We have a lot of articles on legal education, but FindLaw for Law Students also has resources to help you explore different career paths. Learn more about alternative careers in the legal profession below. 

Alternatives to Law School Articles

  • Legal Assistant Programs

    Legal assistant programs can be an excellent alternative for those interested in the law, but not interested in the stress and expense of law school. Legal assistants are increasingly important and empowered in the legal field. Learn more about this and other legal career options at

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  • Paralegal Programs

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you practiced law without a license? Well, in one case, a former law partner and president of the local bar association in Pennsylvania was sentenced to 5 years in prison for doing just that, incredibly, for ten years. If this ambitious individual chose to pursue a paralegal career instead of deceiving her peers, clients, and state bar, her life could have turned out much better.  

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