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Attorney Wellness

The well-being of legal professionals has rightly become a priority. Instead of being stigmatized, lawyers looking for help in managing mental and emotional distress can find confidential and understanding support.

There are significant and well-documented reasons for that support to exist. Attorneys have higher levels of depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and other negative health indicators than the general population. Historically, attorneys are more reluctant to reach out for help than other populations. While improving wellness is itself worthwhile, mental distress can also raise issues of competency to practice law.

Information and Resources

FindLaw has compiled research and wellness resources for attorneys looking to be at their best in work, life, and wellness. Check out our links to confidential lawyer assistance programs, take free, confidential self-assessments used widely to measure anxiety, depression, and substance abuse, and read information and suggestions about the path to well-being.

We also offer resources and information for employers on creating a healthy workplace and for law students looking to get their careers started on the right foot.

While no substitute for working directly with professionals and supportive colleagues, we hope this information is helpful as you begin to think about the steps to take to wellness.



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