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Wellness Resources

In a profession where confidence, control, and demonstrable expertise are key components of success, reaching out for help can be a difficult decision.

Fortunately, confidential help is available. What's more, the drive to end the stigma associated with mental health has paid dividends, with professionals having access to more resources and fewer hurdles than ever before.

Here, you can find a complete list of lawyer assistance programs by state. We also provide tested, peer-reviewed, and anonymous self-assessments for lawyers looking to understand the potential scope of their issues.

Lawyer Assistance Programs by State   Self-Assessments and Questionnaires

Wellness Is Not Just for Lawyers In Crisis

Preventative measures are often the most successful. Whether you are starting to feel overwhelmed or have simply seen what an unhealthy lifestyle looks like from colleagues, addressing issues now is always better than later. While everyone goes through periods of stress, sadness or unhealthy behaviors, you can minimize those times by making the right choices now.

You can learn more about the components of lawyer well-being on this infographic, provided by Minnesota Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers. 

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