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Lawyer Assistance Programs by State

Every state has some form of a lawyers' assistance group. These groups are run by attorneys, for attorneys. While some lawyers are referred in discliplinary actions, many attorneys who have a thriving practice use and benefit from lawyer assistance programs. These programs are not just for attorneys in serious trouble; anyone can reach out. 

What to Expect 

Most lawyer assistance groups offer education, peer support, and support groups aimed at helping attorneys with a range of issues. These may include stress, addiction, mental health, and suicide prevention. Some offer phone lines for immediate help. If your state does not have one, many states offer national support. Anyone can call the New York Bar Association's Lawyer and Judges Assistance Program, for example, which is free, confidential and run by lawyers. The number is 1-800-255-0569.


The below organizations provide confidential support. In some states that confidentiality is mandated by state law. 

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