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By Packet8 of Packet8

Packet8's Virtual Office makes expensive traditional PBX telephone systems obsolete

Small companies are increasingly choosing voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) packages, like Packet8's Virtual Office, instead of conventional telephone systems. The benefits of VoIP can mean a lot more than just savings to a small business. The greater versatility of VoIP allows each business to tailor a package specifically to meet its needs without spending heavily on communications equipment or maintaining an IT staff. All that's needed is a broadband connection and Virtual Office to create a low cost, high feature, professional telephone system even for companies with as few as three employees.


Virtual Office eliminates the need for companies to centralize their operations in a single brick and mortar office since all phone extensions receive the same internet-delivered features and options regardless of location. Designed to replace traditional private branch exchanges, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and require significant amounts of time to install, Packet8's internet protocol PBX costs less than a couple hundred dollars and can be up and running in almost no time. Better still, the system can be easily tailored to fit even the most decentralized business. Employees can communicate seamlessly with each other and with the outside world under a primary company phone number without a central office location or a traditional PBX system. Businesses with offices in multiple locations or who have employees who work from home can especially benefit from the Virtual Office, since interoffice calls are free. Virtual office can reduce start up costs by as much as 80 to 90 percent when compared to traditional telecom systems, while cutting monthly phone bills in half for most businesses.


Another important advantage of Virtual Office is that it dispenses with the need for a receptionist, and the cost of a full time employee, while maintaining a professional image for your company through its automated attendant software, which can route incoming calls to the appropriate department or person. The automated assistant also permits callers to reach employees by extension or name, or access the company phone directory.


With Virtual Office, a company can add a Virtual Number for select clients within their own area code, enabling them to call you without incurring long distance charges. Virtual Numbers can also be used as information-only lines for outgoing messages like business hours, directions or special promotional offers.


The Packet8 Virtual Office features unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada, and other Packet8 subscribers worldwide, and such conveniences as business-class voice, three-way calling, forwarding, do not disturb, voicemail, distinctive ringing, call waiting / caller-ID, and transfer. The Virtual Office retail package consists of a broadband phone adapter and hands-free business class telephone priced at $99. Monthly Packet8 service for Virtual Office costs $39.95 per extension and includes a host of advanced PBX functions along with unlimited local and long distance business calling to any telephone in the United States and Canada. A minimum of three Virtual Office extensions is required for the system to function. For initial set-up costs, subscribers pay a $39.00 activation fee per extension. For additional information see

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