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Contract Management Software

This is FindLaw's Legal Technology Center's collection of Contract Management Software articles. Managing contracts is an integral part of transactional law practice, especially for corporate counsel Free information, white papers, case studies and press releases on contract management software solutions and more are provided here.

Contract Management Software Articles

  • Enterprise Software Licensing from a Legal Perspective

    Selling to enterprise organizations provides extraordinary opportunities for software vendors - opportunities to either establish lucrative relationships with reliable customers, or create burdensome "one-off" deals that can cause your organization major headaches.

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  • CPA Global's 2010 State of the IP Industry Survey

    Legal services outsourcing provider CPA Global has just released the results of its annual State of the IP Industry Survey, which polled IP attorneys and corporate professionals in the U.S. and Britain on everything from the ebb and flow of IP expenditures, to the growth of patent monetization, to the toughest business climates for intellectual property.

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  • Rethinking Patent License Agreements after MedImmune v. Genentech

    The decision in MedImmune v. Genentech has changed the licensing landscape. Licensees and licensors may want to reevaluate existing patent licensing agreements in light of the holding. Both parties should also consider how to protect themselves in future agreements.

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