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Matter Management Software

This is FindLaw's Legal Technology Center's collection of Matter Management Software articles. Matter management is crucial for transactional law practices and corporate counsel to track all aspects of corporate practice. Free information, white papers, case studies and press releases on matter management software solutions and more are provided here.

Matter Management Software Articles

  • Knowledge Management (KM) Survey: A World First

    Gretta Rusanow has produced a world first. A global knowledge management survey of a select group of large law firms across Australia, the UK and the US.

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  • Knowledge Management (KM) and the Am Law 100

    A discussion of the recently announced Am Law 100 and why Knowledge Management is largely dependent on law firm culture.

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  • Knowledge Management (KM): What's In It For You?

    For many lawyers, stepping into a law firm is a bit like visiting a library on steroids. You're saturated with information overload. The challenge is how to manage and share information on cases and processes with colleagues so that the firm's legal professionals collaborate with one another. They focus their energies on working more efficiently and effectively as a team so that young associates and senior partners can use the same intellectual assets to find and share information with one another. That's knowledge management ("KM") in a nutshell.

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  • New Tools for Tech Savvy Legal Professionals

    Technology has been both a boon and bane for law firm attorneys and staff. Increasingly sophisticated software systems have made many law firm functions more efficient and effective, from managing court calendars to billing clients to improving case management: That's the good news. Yet that same technology also places new demands on lawyers and staff, requiring them to be skilled in knowledge management, systems integration and instant accessibility to information.

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  • Improving Collaborative Litigation Management

    Law firms have struggled to defend their profit margins in recent years as clients seek greater control over their litigated costs. Fierce competition and the recent global economic downturn have also taken their toll. In response, smart firms have learned how to differentiate their service from competitors by delivering consistently high-quality service and nurturing strong client relationships.

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  • Creating an Effective Law Firm Records Retention Policy

    Performing the necessary research to support your records retention policy is not a small task. While this work is vital to a defensible policy, standardizing your approach and getting your firm's risk management resources, IT and records departments, and attorneys on board is likely the piece of this project that will take the most time.

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  • Explaining the Technology Behind Matter Centricity

    Law firms are facing a multitude of risk management issues surrounding the handling of client information. Federal, state and local rules and decisions change the playing field almost daily, and firms are struggling to keep up with compliance. In addition to conforming to the jurisdictional directives, firm management must also be concerned with business initiatives.

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  • Law Firm CTO Peter Ozlin on Knowledge Management (KM)

    Interview on Knowledge Management with Law Firm CTO Peter Ozlin

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Market Your Online Services

    Learn about five simple steps to market your online services.  

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  • Evaluating the Benefits of Knowledge Management (KM)

    This white paper is written to assist law firms in their software evaluation process. It presents a business case for knowledge management (KM), offers law firm decision makers a framework for analysis, and provides a set of tools to evaluate the benefits of knowledge sharing.

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