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Electronic Filing Software

This is FindLaw's Legal Technology Center's collection of Electronic Filing Software articles. In some areas of litigation, electronic filing (or e-filing) has been mandated on the federal level and in some states like California and New York Free information, white papers, case studies and press releases on e-filing software solutions and more are provided here.

Electronic Filing Software Articles

  • EFiling: The Future Is Now

    Filing paper documents at courthouses and administrative agencies is the law practice equivalent of an endangered species, giving way to a new breed of activity - electronic filing. Efiling is the uploading to a website of information in electronic form. The efiling process has begun to have a more pervasive effect on the legal system than did the adoption of codes of civil procedure or administrative procedure acts.

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  • Interview: E-Filing Pioneer Mohammed Shaikh

    Learn more about e-filing from this interview with e-filing pioneer Mohammed Shaikh.

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  • E-Transcript Signatures

    The electronic signature technology utilized by RealLegal is secure, cost effective and easy to use, and is in compliance with the Federal E-Sign Act, model codes such as UETA, and most state and local rules and procedures concerning electronic signatures. In addition, this technology complies with national and state codes of ethics for court reporters.

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  • Understanding Electronic Signatures

    The introduction of technology into the legal world has created the need to develop a body of law to promote its growth. Important to this growth is the concept of open standards, allowing all actors to compete on the same plane.

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