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Law and Daily Life

Is Hybrid Status for Gig Workers Coming Soon?

By Richard Dahl

For many employers, the gig economy provides significant cost savings. They don't have to pay fixed salaries or benefits like sick time and vacations. For many workers, the gig economy can provide independence, flexibility, and variety. But, in addition to the usual absence of benefits, they also lack legal protections.

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Can I Sue Plan B for Not Working?

By Steven Ellison, Esq.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, women across the country have been stocking up on emergency contraception, commonly known as "Plan B" or the "morning-after pill." Demand has been so high that many retailers, including Amazon, have limited purchases. Which raises a question: What if it doesn't work? Suppose you take Plan B and you still get pregnant — can you sue to hold the manufacturer responsible? Actually, depending on where you live, you can.

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What To Do About Creepy Neighbors

By Holly South

They say that when you buy a house, you also buy the neighborhood. Unfortunately, that means you could be getting anything out of your neighbors: sickeningly sweet, terribly prickly, or perverted and creepy. You know the type — single, at least in their 50s, beer gut to the gods, and a stare that locks onto you like a lobster claw. Not what you would be looking for in a neighbor at all. Unfortunately, all you can do if you are stuck with bad neighbors is do your best to make friends. But creepy neighbors are a whole different story depending on their level of creepiness.

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Can Prank Calls Get You Arrested?

By Alex Sirek

Making a prank phone call to your local McDonald's may seem like nothing more than a funny joke. What's the worst that could happen? Is Ronald McDonald going to drag you to county jail? Well, we hate to disappoint you would-be pranksters, but law enforcement could easily get involved depending on the kind of prank call. There are laws affecting prank calls and you could potentially serve jail time for your practical joke. A prank call gone wrong could easily leave someone with a misdemeanor or even a felony!

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How Loud is Too Loud for Car Stereos?

By Holly South

Driving down a back road with the windows rolled down and music blasting is a favorite pastime for many Americans who consider it an integral part of road trips. But when these drivers enter more residential areas, their loud music may be considered a nuisance or even a noncriminal offense.

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Crisis Pregnancy Centers vs. Google: Should Search Engines Fight Misinformation?

By Alex Sirek

In the United States, there are nearly 3,000 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) that do not provide abortions. There are significantly fewer clinics that provide abortions, with less than 800 nationally. U.S. lawmakers who are in favor of abortion rights are urging Google to take a stand against crisis pregnancy centers. By encouraging the tech giant to limit or label search results that could mislead abortion seekers, these lawmakers hope to dissuade pregnant people from accidentally attending these centers.

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