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Better to Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

By Melissa Bender, Esq. | Last updated on

While a new car every three years is an attractive proposition, it may not make much financial sense. Depending on the car you want, your financial situation, and the terms of the lease, it may be a better decision to buy. On its face, a lease usually means lower monthly payments. This is because a lease takes into consideration the value of the car at the end of the lease, which is always going to be less than the value of a new car.

In Jail Before Your Trial? Know Your Rights.

By Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

So, you’ve been arrested. It doesn’t mean you’ve committed a crime, of course. You’re innocent until proven guilty, and more people go to jail than get sent to prison after a guilty verdict. If you were sent to jail, you might have had…

What Does Natural, Organic, Local Really Mean Legally?

By FindLaw Staff | Updated by Melissa Bender, Esq. | Last updated on

Are you careful about what your buy and eat? Do you buy organic, local, natural foods? You may be surprised to find that those words -- natural, local, organic -- don't necessarily mean what you think. Here is what you need to know about the legal definitions of these label words. Natural What is natural? Surprise! There is no legal definition of natural. Many producers label their foods as "all natural" when in fact they contain factory produced chemicals.

Elderly at Risk With Temperatures Soaring: How to Avoid Heat Stroke

By FindLaw Staff | Updated by Melissa Bender, Esq. | Last updated on

States have been experiencing a recent rash of heat waves lately, which leads to an important question: how do you avoid a heat stroke? Heat strokes and the elderly can be an especially fatal mix, so knowing the signs and symptoms of heat strokes is important to safeguard your health, or the health of your loved ones. The reason why the elderly are more at risk for heat-related illnesses is because as people age, their bodies lose the ability to easily adapt to hot temperatures, US News reports.

What Proof Do You Need to Get a Restraining Order?

By Steven Ellison, Esq. | Updated by Melissa Bender, Esq. | Last updated on

Restraining orders (sometimes known as protective orders) exist to keep people safe. They can provide a level of security if you're afraid someone may hurt you. But before a court restricts your abuser's freedom, it will require you to prove the allegations of your careful and thorough petition with…

What to Expect at a Preliminary Hearing

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. | Updated by Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

If you're curious about what happens during a preliminary hearing, you've come to the right place. Also known as a "trial before the trial" or a mini-trial, a preliminary hearing is typically the second step in criminal court proceedings. It also may be one of the most important steps, as it helps determine whether or not the prosecutors have enough evidence to send a defendant to trial.

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