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Personal Injury

Can a Dating Site Be Sued If Your Date Turns Dangerous?

By Catherine Hodder, Esq. | Last updated on

It's hard to meet people these days, which is undoubtedly why there are so many dating apps currently on the market. But what if something goes wrong, like really wrong. Can you sue a dating app or website if your date turns out to be dangerous? Unfortunately, the answer may surprise you.No Special Relationship Between Dating App and App Users The Communications Decency Act generally bars liability of any dating app for harm happening from a third party user.

Spanish Soccer Federation President Kisses a Player. Is It Sexual Harassment?

By Mariana Petersen, J.D. | Last updated on

Spain has been on everyone's lips, and unfortunately, it is not only for winning the Women's Soccer World Cup. Another event during the medal ceremony has taken headlines: the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the mouth. While one kiss on each…

If Injured by Fireworks, Can You Sue?

By A.J. Firstman and Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

A Fourth of July celebration without fireworks is practically unpatriotic. However, many Americans are so eager to express their love of country, they completely ignore basic safety precautions when handling fireworks. Every year thousands of people injure themselves. Some people suffer severe burns or lose limbs and testicles. One man even blew off his own head. If you're injured by fireworks this July 4th, can you sue?

Can I Sue for Verbal Assault or Insulting Language?

By FindLaw Staff | Last updated on

In some limited situations, an individual can be sued for yelling at or for insulting another person. While the threshold for when an insult or scream crosses the line is rather hazy, there are some clearly defined lines that are helpful. For instance, if the yelling is threatening violence, or is done in a way where the listener fears for their physical safety, there are likely possible legal consequences.

First Grade Teacher Shot by Student Sues School

By Eric Harvey, J.D. and Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

A Virginia teacher who was shot by her six-year-old student during school is seeking $40 million in damages from the school that employed her for failing to prevent the incident. Abigail Zwerner, 25, taught first grade at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia. Among her students was the first-grader…

Is a Parking Garage Responsible for Damaged or Stolen Cars?

By Steven Ellison, Esq. | Last updated on

You drive into a parking garage, take your ticket, and go off to enjoy that Taylor Swift concert you fought so hard to get tickets for. You have a great time, only to return to your car to find the back end caved in. Hit and run. No note, no…

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