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Consumer Protection

Buying a Used Car: Legal FAQs

By Vaidehi Mehta, Esq.

Some of us can't afford a brand new car, and some of us are just looking for a better deal. Either way, buying a used car can present a host of financial, mechanical, and legal questions. Here are seven of the biggest legal questions you might have before buying a used car, and where you can find the answers:How Am I Going to Pay for the Car? Depending on whether you buy your car from a private individual or a dealership, you may be presented with a few options when it comes to paying for it.

Faux Paws, Mo' Laws: Texas Tightens Service Animal Fraud Penalties

By Vaidehi Mehta, Esq.

Loving dogs may be universal, but Americans have a rather rabid case of furbaby fever. Most of the U.S. lives with a pet, and the trend is only growing. Given that they're our best friends and all, we like keeping our dogs around…

Your Car May Be Watching You, Listening to You, and Profiting From It

By A.J. Firstman

Cars are getting smarter. New cars are packed with an ever-increasing array of sensors, telematics, digital consoles, microphones, and cameras to the point that they're essentially computers on wheels. Like every other digital device we interact with, they spend a good amount of time sucking up all the information…

Skiplagging, or How to Save Money and Tick Off An Airline

By A.J. Firstman

Who doesn't love beating the system? Sure, there are rules, and many of them exist for a reason, but there are few things humans enjoy more than finding and slipping through big old loopholes. It makes you feel smart, lets you scratch that rebellious itch many of us still carry…

Employer Health Insurance Coverage Dropping Weight-Loss Drugs Like They're Carbs

By A.J. Firstman

It's hard to describe America's weight problem without sounding like a crass standup comedian from the early 1980s. Over 42% of American adults are obese. Some 25% of people between the ages of 17 to 24 are too heavy to join the military. Obesity and obesity-related illnesses cost the healthcare…

Child Influencers Will Soon be Able to Sue Parents for Social Media Earnings in Illinois

By Natasha Bakirci

As Bob Dylan sang, the times they are a-changin'. That timeless classic continues to apply today, most notably with social media and its influence on the daily lives of netizens all around the world. An August 2022 survey found that the most popular news source among…

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