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Small Business

What Happens To My LLC When I Die?

By Catherine Hodder, Esq.

If you have an LLC for a business venture, it is most likely because you want to protect your personal assets from your business activities. An LLC is a business entity that separates your business life from your personal life. But what happens to your LLC when you die? What…

Employer Health Insurance Coverage Dropping Weight-Loss Drugs Like They're Carbs

By A.J. Firstman

It's hard to describe America's weight problem without sounding like a crass standup comedian from the early 1980s. Over 42% of American adults are obese. Some 25% of people between the ages of 17 to 24 are too heavy to join the military. Obesity and obesity-related illnesses cost the healthcare…

How Not to Get Sued as a Social Media Influencer

By Catherine Hodder, Esq.

There are many ways to make money as an influencer, from making sponsored posts, endorsements, affiliate marketing, or selling ads on social media platforms. And while influencer marketing is profitable, you should brush up on your business law and avoid legal issues. So before you make that next Instagram post,…

What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Copyrights

By Catherine Hodder, Esq.

In recent news, both celebrated recording artists, Arianna Grande, and Demi Lovato, ended their relationship with manager Scooter Braun. Braun, of SB Projects, is well known in the music industry and became involved in a battle with Taylor Swift over ownership of her first six records. The controversy started when…

Top Legal Issues for Food Truck Owners

By FindLaw Staff

It's no secret that starting a food truck business is all the rage these days. Food trucks have found that sweet spot by tapping into the current popularity of foodie culture, the powers of social media, and, in many cases, cheaper prices. Unfortunately, serving innovative food at fair prices isn't the only thing food truck owners have to think about. Foodie entrepreneurs must also do their legal research before hitting the road -- or risk getting shut down.

7 Ways To Make Your Side-Hustle Successful (and Legal)

By Catherine Hodder, Esq.

Everyone has a side hustle these days. Whether it is a financial advisor with a podcast, a mechanic with a “how-to" YouTube channel, or a real estate agent who is also a blogger about the local food scene, there are many creative ways to make extra income. Side Hustle Ideas…

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