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Criminal Defense

Not All DUIs Are Equal

By Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

DUIs are never good, but are some worse than others? Can you get one if you’re on a bike? What about an e-bike or moped? Can it affect your job? There’s actually quite a bit of nuance and variation on exactly how DUIs play out, and we’ll…

Is it Legal to Dumpster Dive?

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. | Updated by Melissa Bender, Esq. | Last updated on

One man's trash may be another man's treasure, but you should make sure you aren't breaking any laws when you go dumpster diving. Is there anything  illegal about dumpster diving, anyway? It depends. It may be legal, depending on where you live, and what laws and ordinances your city and state have passed with regards to dumpster diving. It's possible that dumpster diving can violate trespassing laws -- especially if the dumpster is on private property.

Speeding Ticket: Should I Fight It or Pay It?

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. | Updated by Melissa Bender, Esq. | Last updated on

It's rare to find someone who obeys the speed limit at all times. With weather and traffic conditions in constant flux, it's sometimes necessary or logical to speed. Though a speeding ticket is often well-deserved, there are those times where it isn't. In those instances, it might be wise to fight a speeding ticket. Deciding whether or not to fight a speeding ticket requires a lot of consideration of the facts. Additionally, you may need to hire a speeding ticket lawyer to handle your fight.

Arrested: Do I Get an Attorney for Free?

By Javier Lavagnino, Esq. | Updated by Melissa Bender, Esq. | Last updated on

Even though most people know that a defendant in a criminal case has the right to an attorney, there might be some misconceptions as to whether everyone has the right to a free attorney. Yes, even though the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the "assistance of counsel" for every invididual accused of a crime, it really doesn't say anything about whether the government has to pay for that attorney.

Arizona's Attempts to Criminalize Deepfake Fraud

By Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

The governor of Arizona sure loves a veto. Since taking office over a year ago, Democrat Katie Hobbs has already broken the Grand Canyon State's veto record. She says the legislation that she’s been vetoing is “extreme.” Among the many measures Hobbs has already vetoed in 2024…

What Happens When a Jury Is Deadlocked?

By Tanya Roth, Esq. | Updated by Vaidehi Mehta, Esq. | Last updated on

As the jury in the corruption and fraud trial for former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich enters its thirteenth day of deliberations, there is still no agreement on all charges. The jury has sent a note to the presiding judge, U.S. District Court Judge James B. Zagel, saying they have agreed to two counts, have not come to an agreement on 11 counts, and have not yet deliberated on the remaining 11 counts, which involve wire fraud.

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