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Illegal U-Turn: State Laws

One way to switch directions on a roadway is to perform a "u-turn,' in which the driver makes a sharp left turn and heads back the other way. But since these can be dangerous in the wrong situation or wrong spot, states regulate this maneuver. The following is a directory of illegal u-turn laws by state.


Turning movements and required signals
(AL Code §32-5A-133)

Alaska Negligent Driving
(AK Statutes §28.35.410)
Arizona Limitations on turning around
(ARS §28-752)

Turning on curve or crest of grade prohibited
(AR Code §27-51-402)


Turning and Stopping and Turning Signals
(California Vehicle Code §22100 - 22113)


Limitations on turning around
(CRS §42-4-902)


Turns restricted...U-turns
(GSC §14-242)


Limitations on turning around
(DE Code Title 21 §4153)

District of Columbia

Browse the D.C. Vehicle Code (scroll to Title 50)

Florida Limitations on turning around
(FS §316.1515)

(Georgia Code §40-6-121)


Turning so as to proceed in the opposite direction
(HRS §291C-82)


Limitations on turning around
(ID Statutes §49-645)


Turning and Starting and Signals on Stopping and Turning
(625 ILCS 5/11-801 to 5/11-806)

Indiana Vehicle Operation
(Indiana Code §9-21-8)
Iowa Turning at intersections
(IA Code §321.311)
Kansas Limitations on "U" turns
(KS Statutes §8-1546)

Turning around on curve or grade
[PDF] (KRS §189.400)


Turning movements and required signals
(LRS §32:104)

Maine U-turns
(MRS Title 29-A §2072)

Vehicle turning left or making u-turn
(MD Transp. Code §21-402)


Traffic control signs and devices
(89 MGL §9)


Turning at intersection; violation as civil infraction
(MI Vehicle Code §257.647)


Turning, starting, and signaling
(MN Statute §169.19)

Mississippi Turning at intersections
(MS Code §63-3-703)
Missouri Turns at Intersection
(MRS §304.341)
Montana Limitation on U-turns
(MCA §61-8-334)

Turning to proceed in opposite direction
(R.R.S. Nebr. §60-6, 160)

Nevada Allowed and prohibited u-turns
(NRS §484B.403)
New Hampshire Turning and starting
(NH Statutes §265:45)
New Jersey

Turning on curve, grade, or ... [where] marked with "no U turn" sign
(NJ Statutes §39:4-125)

New Mexico

Turning movements and required signals
(NMS §66-7-325)

New York

U-turns in certain areas prohibited
(NY Vehicle & Traffic Code §1161)

North Carolina Turning at intersections
(NCGS §20-153)
North Dakota

Limitations on turning around
(ND Code Chapter 39-10 scroll to §39-10-36)


Rules for Turns at Intersections
(ORC §4511.36)


Turning movements and required signals
(OK Statutes Title 47 scroll to §47-11-604)


Rules of the Road: Illegal U-turn; penalty
(OR Vehicle Code scroll to §811.365)


Rules of the Road: Turning, Starting, and Signals
(PA Vehicle Code Ch. 33; scroll to Subchapter C)

Rhode Island Places where U-turns prohibited
(RI Code §31-16-4)
South Carolina

Limitations on turning around
(SC Code scroll to §56-5-2140)

South Dakota

U-turn prohibited in passing zone or where unsafe
(SD Codified Laws §32-26-25)

Tennessee Turning movements
(TN Code §55-8-142)

Operation and Movement of Vehicles
(TX Transp. Code Ch. 545)


Turning around -- Where prohibited -- Visibility
(UT Code §41-6a-802)

Vermont Turning prohibited
(23 VSA §1062)

Limitation on U-turns
(VA Code §46.2-845)

Washington "U" turns
(RCW §46.61.295)
West Virginia

Turning movements and required signals
(WV Code §17C-8-8)


Where turns prohibited, exception
(WI Code Chapter 346 scroll to §346.33)


Limitations on turning around
(WY Statutes Title 31, Ch. 5 scroll to §31-5-215)

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